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Multicultural Center Computer Lab

The Multicultural Center provides support and referral services for students in the following capacity:

  • Provide assistance with individual academic planning & preparation.
  • Assist students with financial aid and scholarship opportunities, application processes and procedures, as well as general inquiries.
  • Coordinate events that focus on topics regarding study skills, transition issues, policies & procedures and other university services.
  • Advocate and serve as a liaison on behalf of students.
  • Support and refer students in regards to cultural and transition to campus.
  • Assist traditionally underrepresented students and multicultural groups in identifying and gaining access to institutional resources and services
  • Offer presentations and workshops that encourage diversity awareness, and understanding

MC Lounge & Computer Lab:

  • Offer a fully networked computer lab with up-to-date hardware and software for ALL students and an expert student assistant to help with questions or concerns.
  • Offer a space for individuals to study, hold group work, student club meetings, workshops and classes.
  • Offer a lounge space with chairs and couches to relax on, work on homework, play pool, read or hang out and visit with other friends.