EOU Diversity Award


The purpose of the Diversity Scholarship is to attract students from different social backgrounds and experiences, including socioeconomic status. Recipients will have an opportunity to contribute to the campus learning environment and share their experiences and perspectives through their participation in on‐campus multicultural programs and community service.

Eligibility & Criteria

Award recipients will be selected by an institutional committee on a competitive basis. The following information will be considered when selecting recipients:

  • Evidence of sustained and significant effort and commitment to activities that have either increased the diversity of the applicant’s school or community, or have fostered a stronger and more supportive school or community climate for person’s of diverse backgrounds.
  • Students from diverse populations that traditionally have been underrepresented on our campus, including but not limited to ethnic backgrounds, first-generation status (neither parent graduated from college), low-income (as determined by Federal guidelines used by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid) as well as those students who bring unique life experiences and backgrounds and have a strong commitment to diversity and the concept of embracing difference.
  • Educational background and academic achievements, including GPA.
  • Community service, leadership, activities and commitment to social activism.


This award application opens October 1st and closes March 1st – please apply using the Foundation Scholarship Portal.