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Frequently Asked Questions


If you are enrolling in our online programs, please go to www.eou.edu/online/checklist.

How do I apply?

See our International Admission Procedures

EOU Application Dates

  • Fall term classes begin September 28, 2015
    Last day to apply is September 1
  • Winter term classes begin January 5, 2015
    Last day to apply is December 1
  • Spring term classes begin March 30, 2015
    Last day to apply is March 1
  • Summer term classes begin June 22, 2015
    Last day to apply is June 1

Is there a fee to apply?

Yes, a $90 application fee is required.

How much does it cost to attend EOU?

See our estimated tuition and fees table.
Estimated Cost of Attending

Are scholarships available for international students?

Scholarships are available for International students to assist with the cost of tuition.  There is an annual application, processed through EOU’s Financial Aid Office.

What programs and activities are geared for international students?

The EOU Multicultural Center develops and delivers programs and services designed to support and retain students from socially and culturally diverse backgrounds.

What housing options are available?

EOU offers furnished, suite-style housing.  Enjoy access to a kitchen, laundry room, lounge and study spaces. For more information visit the Residence Life website.

How does the International Student Advisor assist new students?

The international student advisor serves as your main point of contact at EOU. If you need assistance with immigration advising, academic advising,  new student orientation, or just simply getting to know the university.

What is the best way to travel to EOU?

La Grande is in Northeastern Oregon.  It is located approximately 4 hours from Portland, Oregon, 5 hours from Seattle, Washington, and 3 hours from Boise, Idaho.  Many students fly into Portland, Boise or Seattle, and then take another plane to the regional airport in Pendleton, Oregon. It is approximately 1 hour away from  La Grande.  Seaport Airlines services the Pendleton Airport (http://www.seaportair.com).

Another option is to take the bus to La Grande.  Greyhound bus lines has service to La Grande (www.greyhound.com).  The International Student Advisor can also meet you at the bus station in La Grande and drive you to campus or you can take the Shuttle to campus.  Please note that the bus ride can be long with many stops.

Planning your travel to EOU :

  • If you will need to be picked up at the La Grande Greyhound Bus Station or Pendleton Airport, you will need to complete the Arrival Notification Form.
  • Please e-mail your travel itinerary, including your flight and bus information, to jcamp@eou.edu as soon as your arrangements are made.
Click here for other information on La Grande and Union County.

When do I arrive on campus?

International students are welcomed to campus one week prior to start of classes for special activities. All new students take part in Mountie Week of Welcome (WOW).

Is there student health insurance?

International students attending Eastern Oregon University are required to have the supplemental student health insurance coverage and are automatically assessed the premium each term (fall, winter, spring, and summer).