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EOU Alumnus Buffy Hurtado

Buffy Hurtado was recently accepted into the the Applied Anthropology Master’s Program at Humboldt State University.
A Warm Springs tribal member and Eastern Oregon University alumnus, Hurtado will start her Master’s Program summer 2018.


EOU Alumnus Cristian Anguiano

Cristian Anguiano graduated from EOU last spring; he works for EOU as an Admissions Counselor and finished his first semester in the graduate program for Postsecondary Adult and Continuing Education (PACE) at Portland State University this past December. He should be completing his masters degree next spring and is doing well.

Presentation and Master Class in Camas, WA
Dr. Matt Cooper

Matt Cooper performed a two-hour lecture presentation on March 24th in Camas, Washington for members of Washington State Music Teachers Association Clark County Chapter. The presentation, “Ebony and Ivory: American Classical Composers from Ellington to Copland,” challenged the hegemony of traditional European composers of piano music and highlighted largely notated compositions by Edward Kennedy “Duke” Ellington, as well as featuring other 20th century American piano composers such as Samuel Barber and Aaron Copland. Cooper

Senior capstone show in Nightingale Gallery
digital signage perpective - Cory Peeke

The capstone exhibition, titled “Perspective,” features artwork by Tasha Bradbury, Nyssa Desmond and Damian Garcia. Desmond said the exhibition explores observations and interpretations of each artist’s divergent life experiences and their seemingly unrelated bodies of work

Social Science Journal Takes First Place

Winning first place with a special merit for “Outstanding Theme” from the American Scholastic Press Association, the second issue of the Eastern Oregon Social Science Journal made a significant impact this fall.

Student editorial staff at Eastern Oregon University assembled the 2016-18 edition of the Social Science Journal last year, collecting contributions from the Anthropology/Sociology, English/Writing, and History departments. Student Editor Malcolm Zoon said he had a great experience putting the issue together.


Tour with Detroit vocalist Kathy Kosins (4/29/2018)
Kathy Kosins

Matt Cooper (Piano, Music Theory, Jazz Studies) toured the region in a duo with singer Kathy Kosins of Detroit. The duo performed a concert on the Blue Heron Concert Series at the Pendleton Center for the Arts on April 25th; performed at Ten Depot Street on the 26th (joined by EOU saxophone instructor Greg Johnson); did another concert at the Josephy Center for the Arts in Joseph on the 27th; and did