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Digital Signage Submission

University Advancement oversees the on campus digital signage system, where multiple televisions across campus serve up valuable information for students. To include your event information or message to the on campus population please submit the form below.

Please note:

  • For slides that need created by University Advancement please provide information no less than TWO WEEKS prior to start of campaign.
  • Designing your own? Cool! Prepared slides need to be received 48 HOURS before campaign launch date.
  • If your department would like a pre-formatted template to work from, please contact Karyl Kramer for the file.

Digital Slide Submission Form

Please note that slides can be displayed for 14 consecutive days. The slide will show for 15 seconds and appear at random with other promotions.

Let us help you out! 
Please provide us with the following information so that we may create a slide for your use. After submitting this information you will be contact by staff to approve the final piece. Please note: Materials must be received TWO WEEKS prior to campaign start date.

Submit a prepared slide

Image must be JPG / 72DPI 1920x938 pixels. Please allow a 25px margin on all sides.

We look forward to helping you to reach the university audience.

For additional assistance please contact Jesse Cimon, Operating Systems/Network Analyst at 541-962-3844 or cimonj@eou.edu.