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Enrollment & Marketing Dashboard

Enrollment & Marketing Dashboard


Goal 3: Grow the Number of Lives Impacted – Expand student access, opportunity, and completion

Objective 1: Serve as a growing and thriving rural university

Objective 2: Students are retained

Objective 3: Efficient degree attainment

Enrollment Management at EOU

Over the last two years, Admissions, ROI, Marketing, Advising, Financial Aid, and the Registrar have worked to align our efforts to increase enrollment for on-campus, online, and on-site students. 

Each department oversees specific sections of the enrollment funnel for new and prospective students. These responsibilities are specific to EOU’s enrollment management ecosystem and are not meant to fully capture each department’s overall institutional responsibilities:

  1. Marketing and Communications
    • Awareness, lead generation and communications for on-campus and onsite prospects
    • Admissions, ROI and Advising marketing and communications support
  2. Admissions
    • Recruitment for on-campus freshman and transfer students
    • Admissions for online, onsite and on-campus students
  3. ROI
    • WES – Marketing and recruitment of online students
    • Off-campus – Recruitment, enrollment and matriculation of off-campus and onsite students
    • Advising – Advising new online and onsite students
  4. Advising – Advising new freshmen and transfer students from admissions to matriculation