Mountaineer Magazine

Spring / Summer 2020

In this issue: 

  • A small-town CEO leads Oregon’s largest credit union
  • Theatre alumni embark on localized movie-making
  • Native American students build community on campus
  • A first-generation student brings his groundedness to the region’s largest winery  

President’s Letter

EOU President Tom Insko addresses alumni and friends regarding the institution’s COVID-19 response and how the university community remains an engine for rural places.


A mammoth undertaking

Students answered questions about their experience excavating giant mammoth fossils last fall. The remains were…

Baseball: Back at EOU

Nearly 50 years after he set a record for home runs, Steve Carter, ’60 is…

Not your average table wine

Keith Kenison, ’90, got his first job at a winery shoveling grape skins out of…