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Responsible Employees

Understanding Your Role

You are required to report any information you are aware of, whether it is from a student or employee sharing, or you are aware of a story through third person. Responsible employees are required to report incidents of gender-based discrimination or harassment, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, dating violence, domestic violence, stalking, or retaliation to the Title IX Coordinator. Incidents can include but are not all inclusive to combinations of

  • Employee to employee
  • Employee to student
  • Student to student

It is an enormous step for someone to talk with another person about their story, and this person is placing trust in you by revealing their experience.

Who are Responsible Employees?

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 defines “Responsible Employees” as employees who:

  • have the authority to take action to redress harassment;
  • have the duty to report to appropriate school officials sexual harassment or any other misconduct by students or employee; or who
  • a student could reasonably believe has this authority or responsibility.

Steps to Take

  1. Advise them that you can keep information private but not confidential.
  2. Refer to the Title IX Coordinator at 541.962.3476, Inlow Hall 113.
  3. Refer to the Privileged Campus Advocate at 541.962.3381.
  4. Inform them that they have the right to go to the police and you can help them.
  5. Inform them that EOU prohibits retaliation.  Request that they report to the Title IX Coordinator immediately if they believe others are treating them poorly because they reported an incident.
  6. Ensure the information you have heard is reported to the Title IX Coordinator promptly so follow-up services and/or processes can begin.
  7. Obtain date, time, and location details relating to the incident, as well as name(s) or individual(s) directly or indirectly involved, and the description of the incident.
  8. Explain that information is shared only on a need to know basis.  Check with the Title IX Coordinator to determine who fits this definition.
  9. Have the option to check-in with the individual but keep it general, e.g. how are you?
  10. Maintain awareness for retaliatory behavior.

Guidance For Responsible Employees

Share your role as an employee of EOU.  It is important to inform the student or employee you are required to report any information reported to you.  The following statement is a suggestion of how to disclose:

I am considered a responsible employee. I must inform the University an incident has occurred. I don’t want to alarm you, but your personal safety and overall health is our number one concern. We do this report to make sure you are able to get help and support. If you do not want details of what occurred reported or are not interested in making a complaint at this time, you have the right to maintain your privacy. I will only report what you share. If you need to work through the details of what has happened, let me connect you with our Privileged Campus Advocate, who is a confidential employee.

Options For Reporting

Connect with a Privileged Campus Advocate, who is a confidential contact, to learn about options and services available.



File a report with the Title IX Coordinator.  What you report may have connections to a bigger picture that helps the University keep students and employees safe. Reporting stories that seem off are welcomed.



File an Anonymous Report. Unless you provide your name or the name of the alleged perpetrator, this information is used for the purpose of statistical reporting.