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Budget Office

The Budget Office is responsible for financial planning for all university operations. The office provides comprehensive budget reports, forecasts and planning services that outline the university’s financial position.

The budgeting process at EOU is a continuous process. The fiscal year operating budget is formulated with input from individual departments, the Cabinet, the University Budget and Planning Committee, the Board of Trustees Finance and Administration Committee and the President.  The EOU Board of Trustees approves the fiscal year operating budget.


  • Fiscal Year budget planning of revenue, expense and transfers for all university operations.
  • Assistance to student groups with annual student fee assessments, budgeting and planning processes.
  • Provide assistance to EOU’s Auxiliary Enterprises for fiscal year revenue and expense planning.
  • Planning and preparation of the tuition, mandatory fees and auxiliary enterprise fees.
  • Maintenance of position budgets for all employees, including benefit and employer tax expenditures and encumbrances.

Budget and Planning/Tuition Advisory Committee

FY21 E&G Preliminary Budget Overview_Approved by the EOU Board of Trustees June 4, 2020

FY21 E&G Final Budget Overview  Approved by the EOU Board of Trustees November 17, 2020

FY21 Non E&G Final Budget Overview  Approved by the EOU Board of Trustees November 17, 2020

EOU’s Strategic Plan, Core Themes and Goals

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LeeAnn Case EOU
LeeAnn Case, Director of Budget & Payroll
Finance & Administration
Inlow Hall, Room 215
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