Facilities & Planning

Welcome to the Facilities & Planning website.

Our standard hours of operations are Monday thru Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Our Mission

It is the mission of the Physical Plant Division to operate, maintain and preserve campus facilities and property to enhance the educational mission of the University. The Physical Plant Division is responsible for the maintenance of university buildings and grounds, new construction and renovation, utilities, and mail service. The functions are carried out with a director, office staff, and supervisors over functional areas of heating & cooling, plumbing, carpentry, electrical, painting, custodial, grounds, and central warehouse.

Active Project as of March 15, 2022


Work on the Fieldhouse continues to progress. Storefront, windows, and doors are going in. The interior is being framed out. Electrical and HVAC are moving along inside. We are still tracking a summer ’22 completion.

Campus Electrical Distribution System Upgrades

This project will be completed later this spring. A power outage is scheduled for March 23 to allow the contractor to splice the new feed into the existing electrical feed in the tunnel. Stay tuned for additional information in upcoming Infolines.

DA Tank

We are replacing the boiler feed water tank with a new combination deaerator and surge tank. The old tank is rusted out and causes damage to the steam system. The design is near completion. I plan to go out to bid for construction next week or the following so work can be performed while the boilers are down this summer.

Grand Staircase

EOU is receiving $4Mil from Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds to rebuild the Grand Staircase. We anticipate a two-step construction process:

1.     Demolition and Cultural Clearances.

2.     Construction

The design team is resuming design now that the project is funded. The permitting process will be lengthy as there are multiple agencies that must approve the project. The current goal is to reconstruct the stairs during the summer of 2023.

Ackerman Anthropology

CB Construction was the low bidder for this project. They will begin building out the shelled-out former Head Start offices in June. The project includes new casework, lights, HVAC, and finishes.

Inlow Hall Phase II

Seven design team (architects and Engineers) proposals were submitted last month. The selection team completed their review and selected Waterleaf Architecture. The design will begin once the contract is signed Construction is anticipated to start in early 2023 and reach completion summer of 2024. Some of the work may include:

·  Roof Replacement

·  Structural Upgrades

·  Building envelope upgrades that include new doors, and windows and restoring the architectural concrete features

·  Mechanical & Electrical Upgrades

·  Improving the configuration of the second floor

Upcoming Projects

  • G Ave & 7th St. Pedestrian and ADA Upgrades- new sidewalk, illumination, ADA access, and parking lot improvements along G Ave. and 7th St.
  • Steam Tunnel System Improvements- repair and replace damaged streamlines, mitigate water intrusion into the tunnel near Quinn.
  • Safety Upgrades to Campus Lighting- retrofit pole lights to new EOU standard fixtures. The first phase will cover the Badgley/Loso/Hoke area.