Key Request Forms

Please allow 4 to 5 business day to process all key requests.

EOU Key Form For Employees/Partners

This form is used for EOU staff, faculty, students and partners to request building keys. If you are a partner to EOU (e.g. OSU) and do not have an ID number, please fill out this form prior to putting in a key request.

EOU Master Key Form

This form is used for EOU staff and/or faculty to request a master building key. The key access procedures is attached and is required to be signed and sent in with the master key form.

Not Affiliated with EOU  Key Form

This form is used for contractors to request building keys.

EOU Lost or Stolen Key Report Form

This form is used for Lost or Stolen Keys.

Key Access Procedures and Fines Agreement

This informs you of your responsibilities as the key holder/key issuer. This form is required and is attached to the Master Key form.

EOU Building Access Policy 4.15.15