About Facilities & Planning

The mission of Finance & Administration is to provide services that support and enhance the University’s ability to achieve its mission.  This is accomplished by providing fiscal leadership, safeguarding university assets (both financial and physical) and providing a safe, attractive and comfortable physical environment.  These services are delivered in a timely and efficient fashion to the students, faculty, staff, and visitors to EOU.

Facilities & Planning operates under the Finance and Administration banner and the Vice President of Finance and Administration, Lara Moore

Who We Are

John Garlitz, the Director of Facilities & Planning, guides the mission of Finance & Administration toward its appointed mark in Facilities and Planning.

In addition to daily operations of the campus, Director directs project planning, development, execution of building processes and capital construction. Extensive planning and collaboration with campus departments, architects, engineers and contractors makes it possible to complete multiple projects simultaneously.

The Director is assisted with Capital Projects by Lowann Vanleuven, Project Coordinator and Don Adams, Project Manager.

Don Adams, Facilities Maintenance Supervisor,  supervises the trades/maintenance, HVAC, electrical, grounds departments.

Lisa Bridge, Custodial Supervisor, manages custodial services for all buildings & events on campus.

Business operation services are provided by Janie Carman, Office Specialist.

Our Mission

Facilities & Planning exists to provide and improve facilities and related services for our customers, the students, faculty, staff and visitors to the University.  We provide these services in support of the University’s teaching and regional service missions.


Office Phone: 541-962-3562

Office Fax: 541-962-3862