Motor Pool / Vehicle Request

Eastern Oregon University Motor Pool provides well-maintained vehicles to all Eastern Oregon University departments.


If you plan to drive an EOU vehicle your supervisor must first complete a Drivers Authorization Form and meet the guidelines to become an authorized driver of a State vehicle.  If more than three traffic violations in the last three years is one factor that may lead to the inability to qualify to drive a State vehicle. A driver record check is required every two years from date of approval.

What you will need to fill out the Driver Authorization form:

  • Pending on the state that your driver’s license was issued to what information we will need to process the driver check. The form will display the required fields once you enter the state from your drivers license.
  • The name of the department requesting the record check.
  • The name and contact information of the person requesting the motor vehicle request. The requesting person should not be the same as the person being checked.
  • Must provide the department index in order for facilities to charge the designated states driving record fee.
  • Please plan ahead – Oregon Department of Motor Vehicle driver record checks can take at least 10 working days and other states can take up to six to eight weeks.

 Make a Reservation

To make a vehicle reservation:

  • Complete the form below. Once you hit complete, your request will go directly into motor pool reservations.
  • Pick up the vehicle and motor pool policy manual on the date of departure at Shipping and Receiving.
  • For more information please call Shipping & Receiving at 541-962-3570.


The current rates including gas are:

  • .60 per mile for a ford explorer
  • .60 per mile for a dodge caravan

Request for use of Campus Vehicles

Please return completed requests to Shipping and Receiving.
Phone: 541-962-3570
Fax: 541-962-3918
Campus mail, or in person.