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Purchasing & Contracts

EOU Purchasing and Contracting provides campus support for contracting, informal Invitations to Bid (ITB’s), formal Request for Proposals (RFP’s), purchase order approvals, and record retention.

We provide information about the purchasing process and Personal Service Agreements (PSA’s) on campus and act as a resource for assisting with finding vendors, products, and services. EOU’s purchasing policy and guidelines adhere to rules issued by the State of Oregon, as well as guidelines established by the Oregon University System.


To download a copy of EOU’s provisions regarding the bidding process, please click here!

Any current bidding opportunities at Eastern Oregon University will be posted on the following websites:

EOU is Committed to Utilization of MWESB Vendors:

Contractor Terms of Payment:

Unless a different payment date is specified in the Contract, payment for goods and services under the Contract will be made within 45 days following the date the entire order is delivered, services completed, if applicable, or the date the invoice is received, whichever is later. Payment of overdue account charges by University will be subject to University policy and Contractor will not be compensated by any other party for work performed under this Contract.

EOU Standard Contract Provisions:

Click here to download a copy of EOU’s General Terms & Conditions

Important Notes on Personal Service Agreements:

  • A Personal Service Agreement (PSA), is a contract between EOU and an independent contractor for professional, specialized, educational, research, or other services that EOU cannot provide.
  • A Personal Service Contract can be for a length of time, for a one-time performance of services, or for services provided on a continuing basis.
  • Personal Service Agreements are legally binding contracts, required by state and IRS guidelines that outline the service to be performed, the amount of pay expected for that service, and the required insurance coverage necessary to protect EOU.
  • It is important to note that any service performed at EOU prior to the full execution of a PSA could potentially become a liability issue for EOU. Please do not use PSA’s as after-the-fact forms for payment, but please complete sign and submit them to Accounts Payable prior to service being performed.

For our Purchasing Policy and PSA forms, follow this link to our Documents, Forms, and Policies page.

EOU Campus Contacts:

RFP / ITB Processes & Purchasing Order Approval:

Andy Ashe, Budget Analyst
Eastern Oregon University
Inlow Hall, Room 208
One University Blvd.
La Grande, OR 97850
541-962-3664 / FAX: 541-962-3889
email: aashe@eou.edu

Personal / Professional Service Agreements:

Jolynne Spencer – Accountant 1
Eastern Oregon University
Inlow Hall, Room 208
One University Blvd.
La Grande, OR 97850
541-962-3377 / FAX: 541-962-3889
email: jspencer@eou.edu