Individual Admissions Review

Individual Admissions Review

For applicants who do not meet Eastern Oregon University’s automatic admission requirements, we have an individual admission review process.  Applicants who are denied have the option of providing the required materials to be reviewed by the Individual Admission Review Committee.  The committee will take into consideration standardized test results, courses taken, academic rigor of courses, personal essay, non-cognitive factors, and other indicators that predict academic success at the college level.

For applicants who are in their senior year in high school it is recommended that you wait until you have your 7th semester transcript to petition. This would allow the committee to view the grades and courses that were earned the first semester of your senior year.

Materials for Submission

A Personal Statement

The personal statement is one of the most critical components of a successful petition for admission to EOU.   It must be typed, spell-checked and edited for grammar. Ask a teacher, counselor or co-worker to proof read your statement before sending it. Make sure it is your best version!

In 500-700 words answer the following questions:

  • Explain your personal circumstances
  • Why have you chosen to apply to Eastern Oregon University
  • What changes have you made to improve your academic record
  • How do you plan to be academically successful at Eastern Oregon University

Letters of Recommendation

A minimum of two letters must be submitted and must be written from someone other than immediate family members such as a teacher, principal, employer, etc. They should explain their relationship with you and the probability for academic success at Eastern Oregon University.


Additional evidence of academic and community achievements and service. Student may submit resumes, awards/certificates, community service hours, etc.

Individual Review Guide PDF

The Individual Admissions Review Committee meets every 3rd Friday of the month.  All materials must be submitted no later than 30 days before the start of the desired term of attendance for consideration.  Contact your admissions counselor if you have any questions about the process.  Submission of Individual Review Portfolio does not guarantee admission.