Payments and Due Dates

Full Payment for the current term must be made within the FIRST FOURTEEN CALENDAR DAYS of the current term, unless other payment arrangements have been made with the Student Accounts office, and/or the student has completed the Revolving Charge Agreement.

If a student completes a Revolving Charge Agreement (in Webster),  students must pay one-third of the current term’s charges within the first 14 days of each term, or their account will be considered past due. A $50.00 late payment penalty will be applied to all past due student accounts after the 14th day of each term. Any unpaid balance is part of the Revolving Charge Account Agreement. Students must pay all current term balances by the last day of each term. Two thirds of the current term charges are required to be paid before a student may register for subsequent terms, unless special payment arrangements have been made with the Student Accounts office. Payments will be applied to the unpaid balance on the student’s account on a first in, first out basis. Financial aid, scholarships and any other amounts due to the student from this institution will be applied toward the total amount due to this institution before the money is released to the student. The Student’s account may be paid in full at anytime. Please refer to the academic calendar for a list of due dates each term.

It is an EOU Student Accounts policy to waive a late payment penalty one time only for any reason other than delayed financial aid.

Interest of 1% will be assessed on all student account balances that are not paid by the next billing cycle.

Payment Methods:

Payment on accounts may be made online, by mail, or in person at the Student Accounts Office.

Beginning December 2, 2013, the Student Accounts office will accept only Cash and Checks as a form of payment at the cashier’s window.

Payments made by: Visa, MasterCard, and Discover, must be made through Webster or through the EOU Payment Portal.

All Credit/Debit card payments will be charged a 2% convenience fee.

Payments made by E-Check are NOT charged the 2% convenience fee.

Returned checks are subject to a $20.00 handling fee. Returned checks are not automatically resubmitted. If you receive notice of a returned check from your bank, please contact Student Accounts. If the payment was made in order to remove a registration block, we may cancel your registration for the term and place a block on your account to prevent future registration until you have replaced the check with certified funds.