Book Voucher

Students that are expecting a financial aid refund may be eligible for a book voucher that can be used for purchasing books at the EOU Bookstore. All items purchased with a book voucher will be charged directly to the student’s account and will be deducted from any financial aid refund.

It is the student’s responsibility to pay any bookstore charges that are placed on their account after a financial aid refund has been issued.

To be eligible for a bookstore credit voucher, a student must have completed the electronic Revolving Charge Contract on file at the Student Financial Services Office, be registered for classes, have all prior term balances paid in full and have a financial aid award that exceeds their term charges.

To see if you have already submitted a Revolving Charge Contract, please check your Account Summary by Term in Mountie Hub.

To see when bookstore credit vouchers are available each term, please see the Academic Calendar at   

To request a book voucher please use the book voucher request link below.  We recommend placing an order with the bookstore prior to requesting a book voucher.  This way a student will know exactly how much to request and in turn make e-refunds faster and more efficient.

You may order books at the EOU Bookstore or Online at

Book voucher requests will be accepted beginning the following dates for the 2023-2024 academic year:

SUMMER 2024: May 29, 2024

FALL 2024: August 23, 2024

WINTER 2024: December 2, 2024  Please note:  **Book Voucher requests made during the campus closure dates will be processed when our offices reopen. We recommend submitting your BV requests prior to the campus closure to ensure timely processing of your request.**

SPRING 2025: February 28, 2025

You will receive an email once your request has been processed.