Frequently Asked Questions


When are tuition and fees due?

Payment in full or one‐third of your balance (see Revolving Charge Agreement) must be made within the first fourteen calendar days of the current term. For important dates and deadlines visit the Academic Calendar listed below.‐term‐academic‐calendar

What if I don’t receive a bill?

You are still responsible for paying your bill even if you have not received a paper statement or E‐Bill. You have access to your Mountie Hub 24/7 where you can review your detailed transactions. Bills are only generated once a month and is just a snapshot of your account. To see your account to go your Mountie Hub > Student Accounts > Account Detail by Term and then select the applicable term from the drop‐down menu.

How do I make a payment?

You can pay online through your Mountie Hub by e‐check (no fee), Visa, MasterCard or Discover (2% fee). You may also pay with cash or check at the cashier window located on the first floor of Inlow Hall. Another option is to pay by wire transfer. We do not accept payments over the phone.

If you wish to mail a payment please send to:

Eastern Oregon University
Attn: Student Financial Services Office/Inlow Hall 101C
One University Blvd
La Grande, Oregon 97850

Can a family member or friend make a payment on my account?

Family, friends or any other sponsor can make a payment by going to EOU’s payment portal and choosing the second option on the drop‐down menu, “Relative or Other Sponsor Payment on Student Account”. The person making the payment must have the student’s ID number. This will begin with “910” and contain nine numbers.

What happens if I don’t make a payment?

If the full balance or first third (See Revolving Charge Agreement) is not made by the fourteenth day of the current term a $50.00 late payment penalty will be assessed and you will incur a 1% interest charge per month on any outstanding charges that are more than 30 days past due.

How much do I need to pay to register?

Accounts need to be paid in full or two‐thirds of the current term charges are required to be paid before a student may register for subsequent terms.

Why is my financial aid not showing on my bill?

Bills are sometimes generated before Financial Aid is applied to students account. You should receive an email from the financial aid office once aid is applied to your account.

What fees in addition to tuition will I be charged each term?

The building fee, incidental fee, health service fee, and Hoke Renovation Fee. These fees will be charged to anyone registered for on‐campus classed totaling one credit hour or more. Special course fees may also be charged. Visit‐financial‐services/mandatory‐fees/ for a full list of fees.

I have an informational hold, what does this mean?

EOU uses some holds for internal purposes and are purely informational. These holds will not hold you up from registration but you will be alerted in Mountie Hub. Some informational holds can include the Revolving Charge Agreement and being registered for E‐Refund.

Why do I need a term sticker on my ID?

A term sticker easily indicates on your student ID that you are currently enrolled as an on‐campus student. This is needed for intramurals, discounts around town and many other benefits. To get yours, visit the cashiers window on the first floor of Inlow Hall. You must have your student ID with you.

Where can I request a book voucher?

Book vouchers may be requested up to 30 days prior to the first day of the term and prior to financial aid disbursements. For more information on books vouchers and the eligibility form visit the link below.‐financial‐services/book‐voucher/


Do I have any payment options?

In order to pay your balance in three installments you must complete the Revolving Charge Agreement. This allows you to pay one‐third of the current term’s charges within the first fourteen business days of each term. Refer to the Academic Calendar for all payment due dates.

How do I sign up for it?

To complete the Revolving Charge Agreement, follow these directions: Go to your Mountie Hub > Student Accounts > New Revolving Credit & Financial Responsibility Agreements and follow the steps.


Can I pick up my financial aid refund check?

You cannot pick up your financial aid refund check in person. Checks are mailed to your billing address unless you are registered for E‐Refund, then the funds will go to your bank account.

When are refund checks mailed?

Manually processed refund checks will generally begin mailing out toward the end of week one of the term.

Where can I register for E‐Refund?

To receive your refund via direct deposit, follow these directions: Go to your Mountie Hub > Student Accounts > E‐Refund – Cashnet Site > Sign Up. Follow the instructions to enter your bank account information. Remember to update this if you change bank accounts.

Why didn’t my financial aid pay for some of my charges?

Title IV Federal Financial Aid will not automatically pay “non‐institutional” charges such as application fees, residence social fee, parking fines/permits, etc. without your prior authorization. Per Title IV Federal regulations, you can voluntarily authorize EOU to have your Title IV Financial Aid pay your current year non‐institutional charges and prior year non‐institutional charges. You will provide authorization in Mountie Hub. It is recommended that you authorize both current and prior years non‐institutional charges.