E-Disbursement (Direct Deposit)

E-Disbursement (Direct Deposit)

To be eligible for E-Disbursement, you must be registered for the current term and complete the registration process as outlined in the next paragraph.
Appoximately 25 days prior to your first registration term you will receive an e-mail invitation for E-Disbursement providing a Password and a 2nd email providing  a Unique Identifier needed for login.

Once you have completed the registration process, refunds will be automatically deposited into your bank account as they become available to you. Deposits will occur within two business days of the refund being available.  E-Disbursements may be delayed for registrations less than 6 credits and certain holds.


Registration Process

E-Disbursement Registration is accessed by logging into your Webster account using your Webster Password and selecting “E-Disbursement” on the Student Services & Financial Aid Menu. This link will take you to the registration site hosted by U.S. Bank. Our process is hosted by U.S. Bank, but you do not need to be a U.S. Bank customer to participate. You will need the following information to register:

  • - Your student ID (910 number)
  • - Your E-Disbursement Password (Provided by e-mail to your EOU email address)
  • - Your Unique Identifier (Provided by e-mail to your EOU email address)

****Your Password and Unique Identifier are sent to you via your “EOU” email address by the Student Accounts office approximately 25 days prior to the first day of your first registration term.  You MUST have these in order to log into the E-Disbursement website.***


After registering for E-Disbursement, you can access the E-Disbursement link on the Student Services and Financial Aid Menu in Webster to review, update, and/or cancel your profile and bank account information at any time. E-Disbursement stays in effect until canceled by you through the E-Disbursement link in Webster.

If you have not received an invitation within the time frame specified above and would like to participate in E-Disbursement, please contact the Student Accounts office at 541-962-3590 or email cashier@eou.edu.


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