Monthly Billing

Billing Statements are mailed the beginning of each month throughout the term. Account balances can be checked on Webster and paid on-line or directly at the Student Accounts Office. Official transcripts, diplomas or future services may not be received until payment is made.

If a Billing Address is listed on your Webster account, any billing statements, refund checks and all information from the Student Accounts Office will be sent to that address. Otherwise, bills, refund checks and all other correspondence from EOU will be sent to your mailing address. If you would like to add, change or remove a billing address, call 541-962-3590 or e-mail It is the students’ responsibility to notify this institution of any name and/or address change occurring during their time of enrollment.

It is also the students’ responsibility to pay their tuition and fees, regardless of the circumstances. Failure to receive a billing statement is not an acceptable excuse for late payment. Interest charges and applicable late fees will be assessed on past due accounts.

Third Party Billings such as Army National Guard, Veteran’s Group, or TEC may also be arranged at the Student Accounts Office.

Billing Rights

A student may challenge a charge within 60 days of the origination of the charge by directing their inquiry to: Eastern Oregon University, Student Accounts, One University Boulevard, La Grande, OR 97850-2899, (541) 962-3590, or e-mail: Any questions regarding this agreement can also be directed to the above address.