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Eastern Oregon Science Journal

Submission Information

The Eastern Oregon Social Science Journal is now accepting submissions for the 2015-16 edition. Submission packets can be downloaded online using the links below, or requested from the editor using the contact information below.


Social Science Abstract:  June 3, 2015
Social Science Abstract Submission Form
Paper:  October 5, 2015
Submission Guidelines
Submission Checklist

Cover Art Contest:

Winner for Science Edition XXIII
Winning Cover

 Contact Information:

Direct submissions to the following address.

Eastern Oregon Science Journal
Badgely Hall 114
One University Boulevard
La Grande, Oregon 9750


Are you ready to submit your research for the Science Journal now? No problem!

**Abstract submission form for the 2016-17 Eastern Oregon Science Journal here**

**Submission Guidelines for the 2016-17 Eastern Oregon Science Journal**



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