Cover Art Call


Accepting Submissions Now

For Volume VI of the Eastern Oregon Social Science Journal

We’re now accepting submissions for the 2022-2024 Social Science Journal Vol VI cover art! The chosen artist will receive a $50 commission as well as all the renown and prestige they can handle! Submissions are due the 10th week of Winter Term 2024.

  • Anyone can participate
  • Any 2D medium can be used
  • The art will be printed in color
  • The cover is front and back

Submission guidelines:

  • 2 pages, side by side, Front page on the Right half and Back page on the Left half.
  • Dimensions: 11 x 17 inch total, each page should be 8.5 x 11 inches.
  • 300 dpi
  • Please include:
    • Eastern Oregon Social Science Journal
    • Volume VI
    • 2022-2024
    • 1 University BLVD. La Grande, Oregon 97850
  • See past cover art below

*Depending on page count for the current issue, we may ask for size changes after your art is accepted

Submit digital files to


Previous Cover Art


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Cover Art by Finn Reeves
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Cover Art by Alex Navarro
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Cover Art by Dierdre McKay
EOU Science Journal 2016-2018
Cover Art by Alexandra Tsiatsos
EOU Science Journal 2015-2017
Cover Art by Abby Johnston
EOU Science Journal 2015-2016
Cover Art by José Ramirez
EOU Science Journal 2013-2015
Cover Art by Katie Arnzen
EOU Science Journal 2011-2013
Cover by Henrik Sorensen
EOU Science Journal 2007-2009
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Cover Art by Sara Reed
EOU Science Journal 2004-2006
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EOU Science Journal 2002-2003
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