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XXVI 2019 – 2021

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American Scholastic Press Association Awarded Journal

  • First Place with Special Merit
  • Most Outstanding College Magazine for 2021


Editorial Feature Page 6

About the Cover Page 7

Acknowledgments Page 7


  • “ELISA for the Qualitative Determination of Canine Infectious Respiratory Diseases” Cassidy Freeman (2020 Burgess Research Paper Award Runner Up), Page 8.


  • “Discovery of a Probable New Species of Diatom in Hot Lake (Ladd Marsh, Oregon)” Erica Naderman and Joe Corsini, Page 18.

Exercise Physiology

  • “Breast Cancer-Related Lymphodema: The Effects of Exercise, Nutrition, and Current Approaches to Treatment” Genevieve Smith (2020 Burgess Research Paper Award Winner), Page 21.


  • “It’s a Trapezoid! Or Welcome to the Bipart-y” Taylor Hunt, Jazmine Juarez, Heath Sell, and Amy Yielding, Page 30.
  • “Cliques and Stars and Trees, oh my!” Seth Cleaver, Elizabeth Collins, Jazmine Juarez, and Amy Yielding, Page 37.