Cover Art Winners

Finn Reeves is the 2019-2021 Science Journal Cover Art contest winner

Finn Reeves is a Sophomore studying Business Administration and Computer Science. He transferred to EOU to play football and obtain a quality education. He has always had a very artistic mind and a knack for graphic design. His love for digital design started when he first learned how to use photoshop. In his free time he loves to camp, fish, and workout.

EOU Science Journal 2019-2021

Alex Navarro is the 2018-2020 Social Science Journal Cover Art contest winner

“Alex is a senior art student specializing in photography, 3D art, graphic design, and other forms of digital media. When not working on his art, he enjoys running, playing guitar, and making music.”

His Cover

EOU Science Journal 2018-2020

Dierdre Mckay is the 2017-2019 Science Journal cover art contest winner

“Arts most powerful pull that attracts people is its ability to give the viewer a gateway to escape everyday life. It provides a snapshot of a new wonderful universe you’ve never seen before. And even if you’ve seen the subject in real life, how the artist depicts it creates a completely different level of depth and emotion. Art enhances the world. Art and science are beaches from the same tree.

The paint brush and the scientific method both aim to create a deeper understanding of life. Science looks at the world and looks for the meaning outwardly. But when an artist sees the world they look internally. Both trying to capture the beauty of the world. As a biology major I look at the world outwardly, yet I focus on the small stuff. Nature has a unique peaceful feeling to it at large but there’s a whole new world under the eyes of a microscope. A body’s cells, a leaf and even simple dirt looks completely different up close. ”

Her cover:

EOU Science Journal Volume XXV