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XXIII 2013-2015

American Scholastic Press Association Awarded Journal
  • First Place with Special Merit
  • Outstanding Theme



Editorial Feature 7

Acknowledgments 7


  • “Role of pH in Controlling Size and Distribution of Gold Nanoparticles”, Kassandra M. Freeman, Stefani A. Sorensen, Molly Blatz, Cynthia L. Warner, Kurt Langworthy, Richard M. Ozanich, and Anna G. Cavinato, Page 9.
  • “Selection of Protein-Binding DNA Aptamers for Bacterial Detection”, Jessica M. Clements, Annie M. Bluhm, Molly Blatz, Jessica Nava, Shelby D. Evans, and Anna G. Cavinato, Page 17.


  • “Discrete Simulation of Efficiency and Safety of Lane Changing Models”, Mark McDonald, Zach Grammom, and Nam Nguyen, Page 24.
  • “Identifying Pseudo Projections of Stick Knots”, Matt Chatham, Dominic Clay, Joel Jacobs, Cody Paulson, and Amy Yielding, Page 34
  • “Using Visualization Tools to Analyze Automated Conflict Detection and Resolution Concepts and Their Data”, Nyki Anderson, Joshua J. Holladay, Arwa Aweiss, Page 40.


  • “Encoding Specificity: Effects of Contextual Cues on Recall Performance”, Katie Keeney and Quincy Moore, Page 47.
  • “The Effects of Technology on Children’s Learning Abilities”, Alyssa Gurney and Saraya Wise, Page 54.