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V 1988-1989


  • “Ozone-UV Decomposition of PCBs,” Kristin Gaines and Richard A. Hermens, page 3.
  • “Crown Ether Catalysis—a Search Concerning the Rate Enhancement of the Williamson Synthesis of Methyl-T-Butyl Ether by 18-Crown-6,” Aaron T. Jagelski and J. Douglas Campbell, page 18.
  • “Construction of a Nitrate Ion-Selctive Electrode using an Organophosphorus, PVC Matrix,” Jerry S. Ogden and Richard A. Hermens, page 29.
  • “A Comparison of Salmonids in a Pristine Stream i.e. Something Fishy in McClellan Creek,” Vernita Ediger, page 55.
  • “A Paleobathymetric-Reconstruction of the Eocene Cowlitz Formation in Northwest Oregon and southwest Washington,” Brian E. Ries, page 65.
  • “All About Plaque,” Emily Schneider, page 80.
  • “Atrial Natriuretic Factor,” Patrick Bassett, page 80.
  • “Tartigrades, the Key to Longer Life?” Sarah Westbury, page 80.
  • “The Mysteries of Growing Old,” Rene St. Marie, page 81.
  • “Placental Functions and Abnormalities,” Dawn Olson, page 81.