University Updates

University Council will be creating a new virtual town hall called “University Updates”.

  • The purpose is to improve the communication between shared governance committees and their constituents along with informing the EOU community on important updates as the Administration has done in the past.
  • University Updates will be held once a term (Fall, Winter & Spring) each academic year through Zoom. 
  • The invited audience will be EOU students, staff, faculty, and shared governance constituents.
  • Each University Update will be recorded for the EOU community to be able to view if they aren’t able to attend within the University Council website.
  • Each University Update will host the following topics:
    • Administration updates
    • Capital Project updates
    • Shared Governance updates from both Faculty Senate & University Council
    • Other relevant updates for the campus community
    • Q&A Section from online submissions received from the online form.

Thursday, May 12th at 2 pm is our first University Update for Spring 2022!