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University Council Membership

Lacy Karpilo21-24The Administration
Bill Grigsby (Vice-Chair)22-25CAHSS
Dave Dallas (Faculty Senate Rep.)21-24COE
Kevin Walker (Recorder)22-25COB
Robert Butler21-24CSTMHS
Jordan Withers22-25Admin. Professionals
Sam McCumber22-25Admin. Professionals
Jeff Carman (Chair)21-24Admin. Professionals
Emily Sharratt21-24Admin. Professionals
Auburn Isaak22-25Classified Staff
Nathan Smutz22-25Classified Staff
Kaycie Lane21-24Classified Staff
Tyler Thamert23-24Classified Staff
Mary Grace Shirk22-23Student
Caitlyn Cevallos22-23Student
Chay Partain22-23Student
Tim Fecth22-23Student

The University Council shall consist of seventeen voting members and one non-voting member, including four EOU students, four administrative professionals, four classified staff, one member of the administration, and four faculty, with one from the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, one from the College of Science, Technology, Mathematics, and Health Sciences, one from the College of Education, and one from the College of Business, and one non-voting member of the Faculty Senate, who shall observe and report the actions of the University Council back to the Faculty Senate to ensure communication and cooperation between the Faculty Senate and the University Council.