Meet our leaders!

Trisha-HarshbergerTrisha Harshberger

Graduating College: Eastern Oregon University, Bachelor of Music, 2009

Why I work at EOU: As a student, I loved my experiences at EOU and in the community. I wanted to continue living in an area of Oregon that I’ve come to love and help other students find Eastern so they too could create fond memories in our valley!

Favorite memory of EOU: Fall term of my freshmen year, there were five of us friends sitting in the common area of Dorion Hall (now Dorion Park) just laughing! I don’t remember how it started but once we all started laughing we couldn’t stop and it lasted for at least a half hour. We had so many weird looks directed towards us and none of us cared, we were having such an awesome time!

Favorite part of ambassadors: Getting to work with a great group of students who love Eastern just as much as I do!