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XXV 2017 – 2019

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Editorial Feature Page 6

About the Cover Page 7

Acknowledgments Page 8


  • “A Rapid Approach for Measurement of Aptamer-Protein Binding Constant Using Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction (q-PCR)”, Haley Breen, Jessica Carter, Anna G. Cavinato, Page 9


  • “Columbia spotted Frogs (Rana lueiventris) in Northeastern Oregon”, Margaret L. McClean, Elizabeth A. Olsen, Michelle J. Epps, and Laura A. Mahrt, Page 13
  • “Short-eared Owl (Asio flammeus) Breeding Survey in Union County, Oregon”, Karen Antell, Laura Mahrt, McKaden Manderbach, Meredith Geissinger, Jagdeep Deol, Tayton Gerlach-Duby, MaKensie Forsyth, Tanner Pearson, Rosalie Salisbury, and Erin Burgess, Page 16


  • “Clique-Galaxy Quest”, Ryan Blanchard, Joel Jacobs, Mico Murphy, Taylor Rhoton, and Amy Yielding, Page 21
  • “Inertia Tables of Clique Galaxies”, Joel Jacobs, Taylor Hunt, Taylor Rhoton, and Amy Yielding, Page 26


  • “Trendy Energy”, An Dinh, Taylor Hunt, Joel Jacobs, Page 32