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XXIV 2015-2017

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Editorial Feature Page 6

About the Cover Page 7

Acknowledgments Page 8


  • “A Novel Plate Testing Technique for Testing Cannabis Extracts”, Angela Bonner, Joe Corsini, and Jeremy Riggle, Page 9


  • “Applying a Multilinear Regression Model to Predict Air Quality in Burns, Oregon”, Travis Lowe, Sydney Nelson, and Amy Yielding, Page 13
  • “A-Whole-Ebola-Trouble: Modeling Ebola Eradication through I-M-B-V Methods”, Jeremy Bard, and Zach Nilsson, Page 19
  • “Mathematical Modeling of Heat through a Hot Bath”, Jeremy Bard, Makenzie Garlock, and Zach Nilsson, Page 29


  • “Graphene Oxide-assisted Selection of a ssDNA-Aptamers for Rapid Detection of Renibacterium salmoninarum“, Brian Mandella, Donovan Spikerman, Tarita Keohokalole-Look, Alexandria Olivo, and Anna G. Cavinato, Page 35