Faculty Scholar Program

Eastern’s Faculty Scholars Program is an important means by which the University assists teaching faculty in their ongoing dedication to scholarship.  All members of the teaching faculty and Library Faculty are encouraged to apply for the Faculty Scholars Program summer salary awards and the professional opportunities that they provide.

The purpose of the Faculty Scholars Program is to provide incentive, opportunity, and facilitation of scholarship.  The express purpose of the funds is to help support faculty and library faculty who, based on excellent potential for scholarly achievement, may be awarded a summer salary to advance their work.  Because funds are limited, faculty scholars awards are not meant to support or subsidize all faculty scholarship.  The funds are intended to help support 1) recruitment and retention initiatives, 2) proposals from junior faculty and Library Faculty who may need support to develop a research agenda, and 3) exceptionally strong proposals from faculty who have demonstrated excellence in scholarship.

Award Process

For complete instructions on the award process, please view the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Faculty Scholar Application

Faculty Scholar Report Template