Spring Symposium


Keynote Presentation

The Keynote presentation, Designing a Biosensor for Bacterial Kidney Disease in Salmon presented by Brady Layman and Lance Hatch is available to view on The Mountie Network Youtube Channel.


Salmon is an important part of Pacific Northwest aquaculture. Fry and juvenile salmon are often reared in hatcheries as part of recovery efforts. These small ponds are efficient; however, there can be complications with the salmon’s health. A disease that the Salmon may encounter is Bacterial Kidney Disease (BKD). Renibacterium salmoninarum (Rs) is responsible for BKD, and populations can experience mass mortality if left untreated. The current testing methods include microbiological and molecular biological techniques. These require considerable time and resources as fish must be sacrificed and sent to a lab to test for the presence of Rs. Therefore, it is desirable to have a rapid, accurate, and cost-effective test that can be performed in the field. We describe the use of single-stranded artificial DNA (ssDNA aptamers) as the basis for a biosensor. There have been four main parts of the project that will be described. First, the target of the biosensor was characterized for its biochemical properties. Second, starting from 1014 different ssDNA aptamers, a process known as SELEX was conducted that produced 6 potential probes. Third, the binding efficiency of the ssDNA to the target was determined. Currently, biosensor fabrication and electrochemical techniques are being used to detect the presence of Rs.  


Recordings of talks may be viewed on The Mountie Network Youtube Channel.

About Spring Symposium

What is the Spring Symposium?

The Spring Symposium is an opportunity for all undergraduate students at Eastern Oregon University to showcase and present their creative activities and accomplished studies to fellow students, faculty and the community.

Should I attend the Spring Symposium?

Yes! All students, faculty, staff, and the public are invited to attend and take part in celebrating the work of EOU students. So come and learn, spread the word, support your classmates, and be inspired!!

What can I expect while attending the Spring Symposium?

Students present on a variety of topics spanning the breadth of scholarly work undertaken on our campus.  Presentations include panels, poster sessions, talks, performance, and open studios.