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Spring Symposium

EOU SPRING SYMPOSIUM – May 20-21, 2021

Now accepting Abstracts!

Abstract submissions are due by April 12, 2021

Abstract submission

Click here for a PDF of the submission form with instructions.

**This event will be virtual** 

What is the Spring Symposium?

The Spring Symposium is an opportunity for all undergraduate students at Eastern Oregon University to showcase and present their creative activities and accomplished studies to fellow students, faculty and the community.

Should I Present at the Spring Symposium?

If you are a Junior or Senior at EOU and have conducted work that you would like to present publicly, then YES! Students can apply to present their Capstone project, or another suitable course project, by submitting an abstract. Projects can be presented in a number of formats, including art exhibits, performances, research talks, and poster presentations. 

I am an online student. Can I still participate in the Spring Symposium?

YES! This year’s Symposium will be conducted virtually over Zoom, so as long as you have a good internet connection and a faculty sponsor, you will be able to participate. 

Why should students participate in the Spring Symposium?

  • This is an outstanding opportunity to share your academic research and creative accomplishments in a professional setting.
  • Share your excitement about a topic with students, faculty, the EOU Board of Trustees, EOU Administrators, and the community.
  • Gain valuable professional experience to add your resume, as you prepare for future jobs, graduate schools, or internships.

Should I attend the Spring Symposium?

YES! YES! YES! ALL students, faculty, staff, and the public are invited to attend and take part in celebrating the work of EOU students. So come and learn, spread the word, support your classmates, and be inspired!!

What can I expect while attending the Spring Symposium?

Students will present on a variety of topics spanning the breadth of scholarly work undertaken on our campus.  The presentations are discipline-specific and range from artistic displays, panel presentations, poster sessions, talks, exhibits, and performance art.