Spring Symposium

EOU SPRING SYMPOSIUM – May 20-21, 2021

Online Event

What is the Spring Symposium?

The Spring Symposium is an opportunity for all undergraduate students at Eastern Oregon University to showcase and present their creative activities and accomplished studies to fellow students, faculty and the community.

Should I attend the Spring Symposium?

Yes! All students, faculty, staff, and the public are invited to attend and take part in celebrating the work of EOU students. So come and learn, spread the word, support your classmates, and be inspired!!

What can I expect while attending the Spring Symposium?

Students will present on a variety of topics spanning the breadth of scholarly work undertaken on our campus.  This year the presentations range from panels, poster sessions, to talks. All sessions will be conducted through Zoom, and the keynote presentation will also be livestreamed on the EOU Livestream page.

These presentations are grouped into one-hour time slots with multiple sessions running concurrently. Each session will have either three poster presentations, two talks, or one panel. Even if you only want to view one student’s presentation, we encourage you to stay for the whole hour to learn more about the research and culminating projects of other students in other subject areas. This will also minimize disruptions to each session.

No advance registration is necessary. Read through the program, select the sessions that you want to attend, and access the links to the respective Zoom sessions on the day. You can join a little early if you like, and Zoom hosts will let all attendees into the session at the top of the hour.

We’re certain you’ll be as impressed as we are by the caliber of student work on display at Spring Symposium!