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Science Abstract Guidelines

Guidelines for preparing a science abstract for submittal to the Symposium Committee:

Scientific abstracts represent a brief synopsis of the research undertaken in a given project.  The abstract must highlight the key findings, as well as the purpose, important methods, and results of the study.  The abstract for the Spring Research Symposium is limited to 200 words.  Economy of words is therefore imperative in writing your abstract.  A good abstract will:

  • Statement of Purpose:  Include essential background
  • Methods:  Provide a brief description of methodologies used
  • Results:  Report the main results
  • Significance:  Highlight the major significance of these results.

Attendees of the symposium will use the abstract to determine whether it is worthwhile to read or attend the presentation.  Remember, the abstract is the only information prospective audience members will have to evaluate whether to attend your presentation other others occurring concurrently.

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