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Information for Presenters

This Event will be Online

All presentations will be delivered through Zoom. Zoom instructions will be provided, and trainings with practice opportunities will be held in May. Check back for more information. 

Abstract Submissions:    

All students that wish to present at the Spring Symposium must have completed the online Abstract Submission Form by April 12h.

Abstract submissions provide a background of your project, a description of your methodology or creative approach, a hypothesis or results (preliminary results are accepted), and a statement regarding the overall significance of your project (including impact, application, novelty, etc.). Please remember, the abstract should be no longer than 200 words.

NOTE:  Your project does NOT need to be completed in order to submit an abstract. We will accept abstracts from students that are currently working on their project and will have it completed by the Monday prior to the symposium. 

Presentation Formats:

Students can present their work at the Spring Symposium in a number of different formats. Please read through the descriptions below and find the the description that best represents your presentation.

Digital posters will be presented through Zoom. Student(s) will prepare a description of the project with text, graphics, etc., in PDF, JPEG, PNG, PPT or Google Slides format. Student(s) will be expected to present their poster at the designated time, including a 5 minute summary of the project and response to questions. Guidelines for creating digital poster files can be found on the symposium website. Digital files of posters must be submitted for web posting no later than the Monday before the symposium. [Time frame: 15 minutes]

Display of creative work. Work must be submitted in a digital file format. You will be contacted to make arrangements for posting your work. [Time frame: TBD]

Student(s) will present the project in a brief 15-minute talk plus 5 minute Q&A to follow. You are expected to be present in the Zoom session for your scheduled presentation. Visual aids to accompany the talk are welcome but not required. [Time frame: 20 minutes]

Students will present findings in the form of a panel in a Zoom session with online audience participation. Scheduling of panel presentation is 50-minutes to accommodate participation by all members of the panel. [Time frame: 50 minutes]

Student(s) will perform the project before an online audience. Be sure to provide additional information about the length of time required and preferred location. [Time frame: TBD]

Guidelines for Digital Posters:

Poster files will be uploaded to the Spring Symposium website for asynchronous viewing.

Poster files must be submitted to Sarah Ralston (sralston@eou.edu) no later than 9:00 AM Monday 5/17.

Acceptable file formats:

  • PDF
  • PPT
  • Google Slides
  • PNG
  • JPEG

Consult with your faculty sponsor regarding the organization of content on your poster and the best format to use. 

If you use PDF or image file formats, ensure that you will be able to zoom in on each section during your Zoom presentation (practice sessions will be available to rehearse your presentation on Zoom). 

PPT or Google Slides posters may be made up of multiple slides. For example:

  • Slide 1: Abstract
  • Slide 2: Introduction
  • Slide 3: Methods
  • Slide 4: Results
  • Slide 5: Discussion
  • Slide 6: References

Be sure to work with your faculty sponsor on organization and section headings as this will vary by subject area. 

(Print out these instructions)