Inlow Hall Renovation

Inlow Hall

Inlow Hall Renovation

Eastern Oregon University’s Inlow Hall Phase II renovation, slated to begin July 1, aims to bring much-needed updates to the University’s original building.

The project will bring the building’s seismic resilience up to code, provide new heating, ventilation and air conditioning throughout the facility, upgrade information technology and audio/visual systems, and update the roof and weather envelope.

During the renovation, which will take place from July 1 to late summer 2024, offices and classrooms housed in Inlow Hall will be temporarily relocated across campus. The building, surrounding walkways, and upper parking lot off 12th Street will be closed. The lower parking lot off 12th Street will remain open.

Building Access

Buildings will be accessible during normal business hours. Please follow the link below to see hours for each building.

See the list of buildings below to find where departments will be relocated: