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EOU Tobacco Free Campus

For the Health of It…

The President’s Office at Eastern Oregon University is pleased to announce that EOU will be in full compliance with Governor Kitzhaber’s mandate for a Tobacco Free state property effective Sept. 15, 2013.  At that given time, all EOU property will become smoke and tobacco free; including properties rented or leased by EOU and range properties.

The Tobacco Free Campus Policy includes: cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, pipes, cigars, e-cigarettes, betel nut or any other similar tobacco product.  The EOU Student Health and Counseling Center offers medical and counseling services for students, including tobacco cessation.  Other resources available are the Oregon Tobacco Quit Line, My Last Dip, and the Center for Human Development, Inc.  Join us in supporting a healthy campus as EOU Kicks Butt (and chew too)!

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