Health Services


  • Illness & Disease Management
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Immunizations, TB Testing, & Titers
  • Physical Exams:  sports, travel, & annual wellness exams
  • The EOU Student Health Center does not perform evaluations or prescribe medications for ADD/ADHD.  If you have an existing prescription for ADD/ADHD medication, we encourage you to continue your treatment relationship with your own provider.

Reproductive Health

  • Men’s & Women’s Health Care
  • Birth Control Education & Supplies
  • STI/STD Testing, Education, & Treatment
  • Annual Exams for Women
  • Emergency Contraception (i.e. “Plan B”)

Wellness Education & Resources

  • General Nutrition & Exercise
  • Sports Nutrition (individuals & athletic teams)
  • Weight Loss/Gain/Maintenance
  • Body Composition Assessment (Bioimpedence scale measures body fat, fat free mass, total body water)
  • Sleep Hygiene
  • Stress Management
  • Sexual Health

International Student Health Insurance 

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