Event Documents

EOU Acknowledge of Risk & Waiver of Liability

EOU Acknowledgement of Risk & Waiver of Liability (Group)

Off Campus Food Request

Any group wishing to bring any type of food from off campus must submit this form.

Special Event Notification/Permit

Any group wishing to hold an event outside should request a permit through the La Grande Police Department.

Temporary Restaurant License

Financial Documents

Club/Organization Reimbursement Form

Raffle Form

Any club and/or organization who wishes to hold a raffle must review the attach documentation and submit to the Center for Student Involvement for review prior to holding any raffle.

Cash Box Request Form (Short Term Change Fund)

Clubs/Organizations interested in requesting a cash box for their event need to submit this form to the Center for Student Involvement. Requests need to be submitted three working days in advance. All funds and event revenue must be returned by the second business day following the event to the Center for Student Involvement.

Substitute W-9

Vendors providing products and/or services to EOU must complete the substitute W-9 section prior to receiving payment.

Student Employment & Payroll

New Student Worker (Web Time Entry) Form

Travel Documents

Student Travel Packet
Updated 8.2017

Student Travel Reconciliation Form
Individuals who have traveled for approved club/organization purposes and received a travel advance and/or seek reimbursement for additional charges must submit a travel reconciliation form.

Per Diem Roster Sheet
Used for travel when students are receiving per diem for meals.

Request for Driving Record Check
This form should be used when requesting a driving record check for travel purposes and use of state vehicles. Note: It takes at last 10 working days to get records from Oregon’s DMV. Other states often take as long as six to eight weeks.

Vehicle Request
Clubs and/or organizations who wish to request a vehicle for official university business must submit a request for vehicle use. Requests should be submitted to the Center for Student Involvement for proper processing.