Hoke Advisory Board

Committee Members:

The 2017 – 2018 Committee consists of:

Rikki Griffin (At Large Student Representative) – Chair

Leslie Thompson, Jr. (ASEOU Finance)

Nimei George (ASEOU Senator)

Ramon Fukuichi (At Large Student Representative)

Tasia Allen (At Large Student Representative)

Garrett Young (Residence Life Student Representative)

Le Bailey (Director of Student Involvement)

The role of the Council is to provide advice in the establishment of policies, long and short-term goals, and issues of how to most effectively utilize the available resources including space allocations.

The role of the Hoke Union Building is:

  • To be an integral and vital part of the educational life of the University sharing the goals of academic and personal development.
  • To serve the campus by providing services, conveniences and educational opportunities designed to support the mission of the University and enhance the quality of life for students.
  • To develop and host programs that provide opportunities for formal and informal interaction designed to promote diversity of thought and tolerance of differences.

Responsibilities of the Committee:

  • The Council shall consider, review, and recommend policies impacting Student Union programming and Student Union facility usage.
  • The Council shall consider requests for, develop the process of, develop usage polices of, and assign office space to student organizations that been designated for student organization use by the Student Union.


Hoke Space Allocation Application

This form begins the process of requesting space within the Hoke Student Union. Office space for recognized student groups is being provided so that the officers and members of a group will have a place to transact business. Office and storage space allocation is conditional upon proper usage and care of the assigned office and/or storage space. Applications is available here and due by Fri., Feb. 2, 2018.

Hoke Union Building Office Space Guidelines

Guidelines for allocated groups within the Hoke Student Union are provided here.

Current Hoke Directory