About Accounts Payable

About Accounts Payable

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Overseeing the payment of all invoices, including review for proper account code, proper index, payment terms and appropriateness of the expenditure, in accordance with FASOM & Fiscal Policy Manual.
  • Writing checks utilizing the Banner FIS program. Maintaining control of the blank check stock. Both in accordance with Oregon State Treasury policy.
  • Administration of procurement card and corporate card programs in accordance with FASOM and EOU policies. This included new card applications, changes, terminations, and audit of custodian records.
  • Administration of travel advances and reimbursements in accordance with FASOM and EOU policies.  Maintenance of the travel advance reconciliation report and completion of the DAS mileage report per their instructions.
  • Payment of moving expenses in accordance with FASOM policy.
  • Replacement of lost checks following the FASOM policy.
  • Review club expenditure transactions for appropriate signature and funds availability in accordance with Club handbook. Review of cash balances for clubs and MCG (agency funds) to insure a positive cash balance.
  • Maintenance of vendor information in FIS to ensure proper payment and proper 1099 reporting. This includes W-9 Request Letter for tax ID numbers and matching names.
  • Reimbursement Request Form – For all non-travel related reimbursements.
  • Reconciliation of month-end vendor statements.
  • Provide training to Banner financial information system (FIS) users. Maintaining the FIS help line. Provide assistance with vendor research and reports utilizing the FIS and BI Query reporting systems.
  • Archival of all related records in accordance with OUS archival policy.

Direct Deposit (ACH) & Check Payments

  • EOU Encourages employees and vendors to have reimbursements or vendor payments deposited directly into their personal or business bank account via ACH transfer. Direct deposit is safer, faster, more convenient and more cost effective for the University than getting a paper check. While checks are printed only once a week, Accounts Payable processes ACH transfer five days a week and the money arrives in the selected bank account in two to three business days. Accounts Payable direct deposit is completely separate from Payroll, so to take advantage of this service, visit our Documents and Forms page.
  • Accounts Payable checks are printed on Wednesdays and may be picked up at the Student Accounts Office after 1:00 p.m., if requested. Otherwise, checks will be mailed.
  • To ensure that vendor payment or reimbursement check is printed on Wednesday’s check run, completed documents must be in the Accounts Payable Office by 5:00 p.m. on Monday, for final approval.
  • When Monday deadline is missed, departments and/or individuals may still request a check be cut on subsequent Wednesday; however a late check request form must be completed and a fee will be assessed for this service. This service is not guaranteed, but will be handled by Accounts Payable if/when time allows.


  • Accounts Payable is responsible for ensuring that payment of invoices for materials, equipment and services purchased on behalf of the University are processed correctly.
  • We receive invoices by mail and disperse them to the appropriate departments for payment.
  • Prior to granting final approval, we also verify that all invoice information has been keyed into Banner FIS correctly and that expenditures are appropriate and in accordance with EOU and FASOM policy.
  • EOU pays by invoice rather than from a monthly statement.
  • All documents submitted to Accounts Payable for payment must include original itemized receipts and the invoice information must be keyed into Banner FIS EXACTLY as the vendor has detailed on the invoice.

Personal Reimbursements

  • Accounts Payable receives and reviews any non-travel related reimbursements for out of pocket business expenses.
  • In order for reimbursement to be considered, a department must key the document into Banner FIS and submit all original itemized receipts, along with a completed reimbursement form to Accounts Payable.
  • Once received, Accounts Payable verifies that the expenditures are appropriate, the attached documentation is sufficient, that proper signatures are included and that correct accounting codes have been used.
  • Club reimbursements are initiated in the Student Activities Office and forwarded to Accounts Payable for review.
  • Once received, Accounts Payable verifies the information outlined above, as well as confirms that club officers have authorized the expenditures and that the club has sufficient funds available.

Vendor Set-Up & Maintenance

  • A vendor must be established in FIS Banner before a purchase order can be processed or an invoice paid. Accounts Payable maintains vendor information in FIS to ensure proper payment and proper 1099 reporting. Using the W-9 Request Letter and Substitute W-9, we ensure that accurate tax ID numbers, matched with correct business names, exist in our system. New vendors are setup in Banner FIS at the request of the ordering departments. If the department cannot find a specific vendor in Banner, they need to request that the vendor send a Substitute W-9 to Accounts Payable for setup. If the vendor does not have a Substitute W-9 form, the requesting department will need to fax, mail or email the vendor.
  • Information for new academic and classified employees or student workers can be brought into Banner FIS from Banner HRIS system. Therefore, employees do not need to submit a W-9, as long as their information is on file in Payroll.
  • Students that are not employees of EOU must complete a Substitute W-9.

Personal Services Agreements (PSA)

  • A Personal Service Agreement (PSA), is a contract between EOU and an independent contractor for professional, specialized, educational, research or other services that EOU cannot provide.
  • A Personal Service Contract can be for a length of time, for a one-time performance of services or for services provided on a continuing basis.
  • PSA’s are legally binding contracts, required by state and IRS guidelines that outline the service to be performed, the amount of pay expected for that service and the required insurance coverage necessary to protect EOU.
  • It is important to note that any service performed at EOU prior to the full execution of a PSA could potentially become a liability issue for EOU. Please do not use PSA’s as after-the-fact forms for payment, but please complete, sign and submit them to Accounts Payable prior to the service being performed.


  • It is EOU policy to reimburse employees, students and other authorized travelers for expenses incurred while traveling on official University business. We support the EOU community by administering and processing transactions involving all aspects of travel in a timely manner. We also process and assist departments with moving reimbursements and travel advances.

Travel Accounting Services

  • Reconcile Travel Advances and Travel Authorizations
  • Reconcile, Process and Approve Travel Reimbursements
  • Reconcile, Process and Approve Moving Expenses
  • Approve EOU Travel Related Invoices and Travel Claims

Procurement Cards

Oregon University System (OUS) has established a procurement card program. This program provides for the rapid acquisition of primarily low dollar items. The procurement card program is designed to promote purchasing efficiency, flexibility and convenience. Procurement card purchases shall be made in accordance with established purchasing rules and policies. The procurement card program is administered by OUS and is implemented at the institutional level.


Procurement Card Services

  • Card Request Processing
  • Card User Training
  • Card Maintenance and Cancellation
  • Expenditure Monitoring

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