Journal Table of Contents

Volume I (1982-1983):

“Considerations for Writing a Scientific Paper,” Lewis T. Wallenmeyer, page 5.

“Synthesis of the Click Beetle Pheromone Target Molecule 8-Metheyl-7-Nonenoic Acid,”
Douglas Brimmer and J. Douglas Campbell, page 9.

“Seasonal Variation in the Diet of Barn Owls (Tyto alba) near La Grande, Eastern Oregon,” Riley G. Woodford and Burr J. Betts, page 14.

“Complex Formation in Aqueous Solutions of Hexamethylenetetramine and Mercury(II)Chloride,” Bob Bailey and Richard A. Hermens, page 18.

“An Ecological Survey of the Donner Und Blitzen River,” Paul Smithers and David E. Kerley, page 29.

“Reduced Food Competition between Polyandrous Female American Jacanas, Their Mates and Chicks,” Burt J. Betts, Mark Omann, Jeff Pierson, page 35.

“Determination of the Dissociation Constant, KD, for the Compound Hexamethylenetetramine Dimercury(II)Chloride,” Susan A. Rayburn, page 39.

“Error Found in CRC Handbook by EOSC Students,” J. Douglas Campbell, page 50.

Volume II (1983-1984):

“Why Scientific Knowledge is Impossible,” Jeffrey Johnson, page 5.

“The Effects of Cholecystokinin and Lithium Chloride on the Operant Regulation of Feeding,” Scott K. Thompson and R.H. Ettinger, page 11.

“Influences of Local Melanocyte Population Density in the Establishment of Epidermal Melanocytes in Piebald Guinea Pigs,” Audrey T. Trainer, page 20.

“Anti-Bacterial Properties of Selected Oregon Marine Algae,” Sheryl A. Hansen, page 24.

“A Raptor Density Survey in Northern Malheur County, Oregon,” Wendy Haro, page 28.

“Preface to Kellner and Pierson Papers,” J. Douglas Campbell, page 32.

“The Hydroboration of 5-Methyl-1-Hepten-4-oL,” Yael Kellner and J.D. Campbell, page 33.

“A Model Synthesis In the Production of the Sawfly Pheromone 2S,3S,7S-3,7-Dimethyl-2-Pentadecanol,” Jeffrey S. Pierson and J.D. Campbell, page 39.

“Prefce to Rimbey and Mahan Paper,” Peter Rimbey, page 45.

“Donor Acceptor Pair Scattering In Compensated Semiconductors,” P.R. Rimbey and G.D. Mahan, page 46.

Volume III (1984-1985):

“A Comparison of the Endosymbionts in Color Variation of the Cnidarian Anthopleura xanthogrammica,” Nancy M. Buchtel, page 4.

“Inhibition of Microorganisms by Citrus Peel Oils,” Patrick Teague, page 9.

“Diet Palatability and the Operant Regulation of Feeding,” Kristy Six and R.H. Ettinger, page 12.

“Optimization or Response-strength: A Re-evaluation,” Kevin McCadden and R.H. Ettinger, page 18.

“The Phenotypic Effects of 12-0-Tetradecanoylphorbol-13-Acetate (TPA) on Normal Guinea Pig Epidermal Melanocytes in Culture,” Audrey T. Trainer, page 23.

“Behavorial [sic] Time Budges and Home Ranges of Fox Squirrels in La Grande, Oregon,” Elli Collins and Burr Betts, page 29.

“Complex Formation of Hexamethylenetetramine with Cadmium(II),” John D. Lanterman and Richard A. Hermens, page 36.

“Stimulation of Microsomal Benzo(A)Pyrene Hydroxylation by Rat Liver Soluble Protein,” Brett Wheeler, Brian Osborne, and Kim McCoy, page 47.

Volume IV (1986-1987):

“A Student Edited Science Journal in a Small College,” Kim E.M. McCoy, page 5.

“Analysis of Sound Frequency on the Reproduction rate of Drosophila melanogaster,” Bill Beatty, page 10.

“Interaction of Rat Liver soluble Proteins with an Artificial Membrane,” David Schieltz, Thayne Vickstrom, Al Cassens, Tom Herrmann, and Kim E.M. McCoy, page 14.

“A Study of Methane Production from Petroleum based Media through the Metabolic Actions of Selected Aerobic and Anaerobic Bacteria,” James A. Cook, page 23.

“Small Mammal Population Densities on two Different Habitats,” Perry Gooder, Wendy Rosa, Ellen Kelly, and David E. Kerley, page 28.

“The Occupational Hazards of Mercury vapor to Dentists in Salem, Oregon,” John Heikes, page 35.

“Determination of Solubility, Enthalpy of Dissociation, and Gibbs Free Energy of HMTA 2HgCl2,” Yuri Hiranuma, Richard A. Hermens, page 39.

“An Analysis of the Food gathering Habits of the Troglodytic blind Cave Characin, Astyanax Fasciatus mexicanusi,” James P. Roberts, page 51.

“A Search for a Novel Synthesis of 2-Benzothiepin-3, 4-Dihydro-5(1H)-One,” Korth B. Elliott and Shelby Sherrod, page 56.

“The Hazards of Fluoride Supplements and Fluoride Concentrations in Mouthwashes,” Kris Nielsen, page 62.

“The Dryer Automation Project,” Stewart Thoeni and Richard A. Hermens, page 65.

“A Model Hemoglobin Reaction: A Step in the Synthesis of the Pine Tree Sawfly Pheromone, 2S, 3S, 7S-Diprionol,” Debbie Deetz and J.D. Campbell, page 74.

Volume V (1988-1989):

“Ozone-UV Decomposition of PCBs,” Kristin Gaines and Richard A. Hermens, page 3.

“Crown Ether Catalysis—a Search Concerning the Rate Enhancement of the Williamson Synthesis of Methyl-T-Butyl Ether by 18-Crown-6,” Aaron T. Jagelski and J. Douglas Campbell, page 18.

“Construction of a Nitrate Ion-Selctive Electrode using an Organophosphorus, PVC Matrix,” Jerry S. Ogden and Richard A. Hermens, page 29.

“A Comparison of Salmonids in a Pristine Stream i.e. Something Fishy in McClellan Creek,” Vernita Ediger, page 55.

“A Paleobathymetric-Reconstruction of the Eocene Cowlitz Formation in Northwest Oregon and southwest Washington,” Brian E. Ries, page 65.

“All About Plaque,” Emily Schneider, page 80.

“Atrial Natriuretic Factor,” Patrick Bassett, page 80.

“Tartigrades, the Key to Longer Life?” Sarah Westbury, page 80.

“The Mysteries of Growing Old,” Rene St. Marie, page 81.

“Placental Functions and Abnormalities,” Dawn Olson, page 81.

Volume VI (1989-1990):

“Investigations into the Possibility of Laser Machining of Tungsten Titanium Carbide,” Shane Addleman, page 3.

“Student Evaluation of  Faculty Based on Feedback Conditions,” Jenny A. Salazar and Ronnelle L. Powell, page 15.

“Diffused Air Stripping of Volatile Waste Components,” Kirby D. Danford, page 23.

“Diffusion-Limited Aggregation and the Fractal Growth of Viscous Fingers,” Mark A. Lehne, page 34.

Volume VII (1990-1991):

“Results of Initial Sampling for Cryptochia neosa in Northeastern Oregon,” Burr J. Betts, page 3.

“Effects of Frames on Risky Choice in Repeated Gambles,” James D. Kleinschmidt and R.H. Ettinger, page 6.

“Water Hardening Steelhead Trout Eggs in Iodophor with Coelomic Fluid Present and Absent: A Quantitative Chemical Evaluation,” E.D. Stover, R.A. Hermens, and W.J. Groberg Jr., page 14.

“Macronutrient Regulation and Selection in Animals,” Kerry R. Crowston and R.H. Ettinger, page 20.

“A Unique Serological Strain of Infectious Hematopoietic Necrosis,” V.L. Ediger and W.J. Groberg, page 27.

“Learned Helplessness and the Generalization of Learned Helplessness,” Neal Scott Ayers, page 32.

Volume VIII (1991-1992):

“Evaluating Chemical Control of Russian What Aphid,” Robert Rosselle, page 3.

“Representational Momentum in Combined Audio and Visual Stimuli,” Patricia L. Parker and Timothy L. Hubard, page 7.

“Classically Conditioned Glycemic Responses in Rats,” Marija Cetnik and R.H. Ettinger, page 18.

Volume IX (1992-1993):

“Unique Serovars of Infectious Hematopoietic Necrosis Virus from Rainbow Trout at a Commercial Hatchery in Idaho,” Warren J. Groberg Jr. and Ericka Miller, page 1.

“Development of a New Method for the Preparation of Plasmid DNA for Analysis by Electrospray Ionization-Mass Spectrometry,” Brent J. Morris, David G. Camp II, and Charles G. Edmonds, page 9.

“Studies on the Mono-bromination of 18-Crown-6,” Eric D. Stover and J. Douglas Campbell, page 15.

“Sedimentology of an Outcrop of the Middle Jurassic Weatherby Formation, Snake River North of Huntington, Oregon,” Michael Beam, John Bishop, Steve Brown, Kristen Hanford, Teresa McDonald, Laura Thompson, John Wilson, and Jay Van Tassell, page 20.

“Representational Momentum and Induced Motion,” Celeste Schwendiman and Timothy L. Hubbard, page 25.

“Learning New Response Sequences,” Kelli J. Long and Alliston K. Reid, page 37.

“The Effect of Stress on conditioned Blood Glucose Levels,” Kathryn  L. Gover, page 47.

“Subcloning the Developmentally Regulated D2 gene of Trypanosoma cruzi,” Heather L. Moreland, page 53.

“The Effects of Acid Rain on Taricha rivulans,” April Parsons, page 57.

“A Comparison of Chloroplast DNA of Darlingtonia californica and Dionaea muscipula,” Ben Clark, page 60.

“Giant Boulders of the Missoula Floods,” Janelle Curtis, page 61.

“Inhibition of the Pathogen Listeria monocytogenes by Nisin in a Salty Environment,” Janet Halter, page 62.

“Nutrients in Amaranth Seeds: A Two Year Study,” William Quan, page 63.

“An Analysis of Water Quality Within Cascade Gateway Park,” Amy Thompson, page 64.

“Aluminum in Antiperspirants: A study of Diffusion Through Skin Membranes,” Daniel Otis, page 65.

“Reflection and Transmission Holography,” Nate Potter, page 66.

“An Analysis of Radon Levels in Homes in the Salem, Oregon Area Using CR-39,” Josiah Sheehan, page 67.

“Anthocyanin Clucoside Content in a Pinot Gris Grape Mutant,” Leanne M. West, page 68.

 Volume X (1993-1994):

“Strain Typing of Selected Isolates of Infectious Hematopoietic Necrosis Virus Using A Type 2 Specific Monoclonal Antibody,” Bradford D. Stephens, Sam T. Onjukka, and Warren J. Groberg Jr., page 1.

“The Synthesis of Some Alkali Metal Fluorouranates(IV) from Aqueous Solution,” Paul L. Driver, Stephen C. Schlegel Jr., and Richard A Hermens, page 7.

“Observation of DNA Quadruplx Structures Using Electrospray Ionization-Mass Spectrometry,” Stephen C. Schlegel Jr., David G. Camp II, Tom Lopez, and Charles G. Edmonds, page 12.

“Structural geology of an Outcrop of the Jurassic Weatherby Formation Along I-84 Southeast of Weatherby, Oregon,” John R. Bishop and Jay Van Tassell, page 18.

“Sedimentology of an Outcrop of the Late Miocene to Early Pliocene Lacustrine deposits Northeast of Durke, Oregon,” John G. Wilson and Jay van Tassell, page 23.

“Accuracy for Facial Recognition Among Similar Aged Peers,” John Russo, page 27.

“The metabolism of Bridgelip Suckers in Willow Creek,” Erica Smith, page 31.

Volume XI (1994-1995):

“Enhancer-Trap Mutant Analysis,” John E. Rinehart, Kevin Stricker, and Catherine E. Peterson, page 5.

“Synthesis of RbUF5 and Rb7U6F31 in Aqueous Solution,” XueRong Zhang and Richard A. Hermens, page 12.

“The Effects on the Surrounding Environment of Applying Sodium Chloride to the Palmer Glacier,” Kenneth Philbrick, page 15.

“Active Immunization Prevents an Algesic and Reinforcing Effects of Cocaine,” Wendy E. Harless, R.H. Ettinger, W.F. Ettinger, page 21.

“Determination of Endothall in Drinking Water,” Rhonda Chase, page 29.

“Effects of Tritolyl Phosphate on Uranium Ion-Selective Polyvinyl Chloride Membrane Electrode,” Koji Ishibashi and Richard A. Hermens, page36.

“Wheat Response to Metal Contaminated Soils,” Carol Volk, page 42.

“The Effects of Cocaine on Fetal heart Development in Thesus macques,” Richard Jian Luo, page 43.

 Volume XII (1995-1996):

“Interpreting Ambient Noise Field Reflections for Submarine Detection,” Kelly S. Cline, Noel F. Peden, and Mark Pomeroy, page 7.

“Reaction of Cu+(1S) With O2,” Benjamin A. Walker, M.T. Rodgers, and P.B. Armentrout, page 11.

“Capillary Isotachophoretic Determination of Dibutyl Phosphate and Monobutyl Phosphate in Organic Materials,” Catherine E. Petersen and Karen L. Wahl, page 15.

“RAPD Analysis in Redband Trout: Possible use to Determine Gene Flow Between and Within Populations,” Matt Cooper, W. Brent Osborn, and John E. Rinehart, page 18.

“Caustic Demand Determination of Hanford Tank Waste,” Kevin L. Marshall, Jon W. Ball, and Thomas H. Bushaw, page 21.

“An Epidemiological Survey for Four Salmonid Fish Pathogenic Agents Among Trout Populations in Major Watershed of Baker County, Oregon,” Brian M. Rost, Bradford D. Stephens, Sam T. Onjukka, and Warren J. Groberg Jr., page 25.

“Development of a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Protocol for detection of Renibacterium salmoninarum in Salmonid Renal Tissue,” Rebecca J. Hanson, W.J. Groberg Jr., and John E. Rinehart, page 31.

In Vitro Survival of the Bacterial Pathogen of Salmonid Fish, Renibacterium salmoninarum, in Water from Selected Aquatic Environments,” Lara. M Peacock, Sam T. Onjukka, Warren J. Groberg Jr., and Karen Waln, page 37.

“HAML Method: Eight Easy Steps to Judge a Competition,” Heidi McMahan, Aaron Smith-Tsiatsos, and Mee-Ling Hovey, page 43.

Volume XIII (1996-1997):

“Preliminary Interpretation of the Mount Hebron Excavation,” Brian G. Albrecht and Eric D. Birkland, page 1. Archaeology.

“A PCR Product from Rainbow Trout using Renibacterium salmoninarum-Specific Primers,” Wendy E. Harless, Warren J. groberg, Sam T. Onjukka, and Karen Waln, page 3. Biology.

“Preparation of DNA Samples for Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectromeric Analysis,” David G. Camp II, Stephen C. Schlegel Jr., Brent J. Morris, Jennifer A. Firestine, page 6. Chemistry.

“Non-Invasive SW-NIR Spectroscopic method for Determination of Lipid Content in Muscle of Rainbow Trout,” Melinda M. Clark, Anna G. Cavinato, David M. Mayes, Barbara A. Rasco, Yuqing Sun, page 9. Chemistry

“The Alluvial Fans of the Grande Ronde valley, Northeast Oregon,” Derek Erwin, Dirk Rank, Jay Van Tassell, page 14. Geology.

“Structural geology of the John Day Formation, Warm Mineral springs Area, Northeastern Oregon,” Maggie Swanger, page 20. Geology.

“Analysis of Fractures in the Vicinity of the Cove Hot Springs, Grande Ronde Valley, Northeastern Oregon,” Ross Hubbard and Mark Smith, page 23. Geology.

“Grande Ronde Valley Landslides, Eastern Oregon,” Glen Fromwiller, page 27. Geology.

“Sugarloaf Mountain Tor, Blue Mountains, Northeast Oregon,” Dustin C. Johnson, page 30. Geology.

“MANCALA the Universal Game,” Bobbie J. Webb, page 33. Mathematics.

“Fruitful Discussions,” Frisco Rose, Vaughn Skinner, Heather Van Dyke, page 39. Mathematics.

“Mixing for Fruitful Discussion,” James Fitzgerald, Noel Peden, and Bobbie J. Webb, page 43. Mathematics.

“Mix Well for Fruitful Discussions: An Algorithm to Assign Members to Discussion Groups,” Isaac Johnston, Tyler Dewey, and Swannee Herrmann, page 50. Mathematics.

“Thescelosaurus vs. Velociraptor,” Robert M. Bynum, Kelly S. Cline, and Jennifer Conklin, page 53. Mathematics.

“A Simplified Analysis of Solar Structure,” Noel Peden, page 58. Physics.

“Trebuchet: Modeling the Physics of a Medieval Siege Engine,” Kelly S. Cline, page 63. Physics.

“Use of Classical Mechanics to Describe the Effects of a Supernova in a Binary System,” Tygh Newton, page 67. Physics.

“Characterization of Femtosecond Laser Optics Using White Light Spectral Interferometry,” Marie K. Tripp. Optics.

“Ellipsometric Methods for Laser Ablation Studies,” Pei-Lin Hsiung, page 77. Optics.

“Pulse Cleaning,” Diana Pelletier, page 81. Optics.

“The Electro-optic Effect and the Subsequent Electric Field in Lithium Tantalate During Characterization Experiments,” Jason A. Deibel, page 83. Optics.

“Computer Modeling of Semiconductor Laser Arrays,” Kelly S. Cline, page 88. Optics.

Volume XIV (1997-1998):

“The Effect of Temperature on the In vitro Replication of Selected Isolates of Infectious Hematropoietic Necrosis Virus,” Marie H. Banta, Tove K. Ryman, W.J. Groberg Jr., K. Waln, and S.T. Onjukka, page 3. Biology.

“A Mechanism of Damage Sustained by Tissues during Methacrylate Embedding,” Damon T. Page and John E. Rinehart, page 6. Biology.

“Fusion of Equine Myogenic Satellite Cell Strains In virtro,” Sheila Erickson, Carla Welter, Darci Calkins, Jan Vierck, Lyssa Krabbenholf, Katherine Byrne, Elizabeth Green, and Michael Dodson, page 10. Biology.

“Pedigree of a Brachymesodactylous Family,” Jamie Brown and John E. Rinehart, page 14. Biology.

“The Determination of Analgesics through Thin-Layer Chromatography,” Dawn Guentert and J. Douglas Compbell, page 18. Chemistry.

“Pleistocene Alluvial Deposits of North Powder Valley and recent Stream deposits of Anthony Lakes, Antone Creek and the Powder River, Northeast Oregon,” Jamie Harmon, Mandi Johnson, Ellie Spring, and Maggie Swanger, page 21. Geology.

“Quaternary Surficial Sediments of the Grande Ronde Basin, Northeast Oregon,” J. Compos, G. Fromwiller, R. Hubard, J. Johnson, D. Kalmbach, T. Phelps, and M. Smith, page 24. Geology.

“Sedimentology of a Pleistocence Outcrop, Waite Bluff, Foothill Road, South of La Grande, Oregon,” Sandra Pilling, page 29. Geology.

“Sediments of the Homer Alaska Area,” Jamie K. Harmon, page 34. Geology.

“A Method for Taking Cross-Section of Three Dimensional Gridded Data,” Kelly Slater Cline, Kacee Jay Giger, Timothy O’Conner, page 40. Mathematics.

“A Model for the Analysis of Inflated Grades,” Isaac Johnston, Swannee Herrmann, Jennifer Conklin, page 46. Mathematics.

“Analyzing the Oblique Plane,” Jeff Downer, James Fitzgerald, Roland Hildebrant, page 52. Mathematics.

“A Statistical Solution to Grade Inflation at a Better Class College,” Frisco Rose, Sarah Triplett, Heather Van Dyke, page 56. Mathematics.

“Effects of Training at Anaerobic Threshold,” Mike Fischer, page 60. Physical Education and Health.

“Fermi Molecular Dynamics in Artificial Fission of Light Nuclei,” Savas Michael Koushiappas, page 62. Physics.

“Population Trapping in V-shaped Three-State Systems with Application to construction of Quantum Bits,” Tanya Zelevinsky, page 68. Physics.

“Characterization of Terahertz Emission from YBa2Cu3O7-s Thin Films,” Beckisue Roybal, page 73. Physics.

“Geometry Optimization of Electronic States of Biphenyl,” Dylan Shepardson, page 78. Physics.

“Numerical Solution to the One Dimensional Time Dependent Schrödinger Equation,” Dana Mastrovito, page 81. Physics.

“Modeling Post-Supernova Neutron Star Interactions as a Mechanism in the Formation of a Soft Gama-Ray Repeater,” Kelly Slater Cline, page 87. Physics.

Volume XV (1998-1999):

“Epitope Mapping: Human factor IX,” B. Gavel, D.G. Camp, page 1. Chemistry.

“Cyclic Voltametric Method for the Indirect Determination of Sparingly Soluble Metal Flourourantes(IV),” D. Thomas and R. Hermens, page 6. Chemistry.

“Theoretical Observation of Aluminum Analogue Models of Carbocations,” M. Nishina, T. Sorey, R. Lancaser, and Y.E. Rhodes, page 9. Chemistry.

“Theoretical Models of Substituent Effect Stabilization of Aluminum Analogues of Carbocations,” T. Sorey, M. Nishina, and R. Lancaster, page 14. Chemistry.

“Experimental Conditions for the Synthesis of (NH4)2S2O4,” T. Sorey and R. Hermens, page 19. Chemistry.

“Non-Destructive Measurement of Chloride and Moisture in Cured Salmon Roe by SW-NIR,” T. Rogers, M. Wenz, A. Cavinato, and D. Mayes, page 22. Chemistry.

“Boulder Size, Soil Profiles and Maximum Lichen Diameters of the Younger Lateral Moraine, Antone Creek, Elkhorn Mountains, Northeast Oregon,” J. Van Tassell et al., page 27. Geology.

“Pleistocene Sedimentation in the La Grande Basin, Northwest Oregn,” G. Fromwiller, J. Van Tassell, page 34. Geology.

“High-Resolution Spectroscopy of the Lyman-α Forest in QSO Spectra,” S.B. Triplett and D.R. Tytler, page 39. Physics.

“Sex Differences in Three-Dimensional Rotations when Realistic Objects are Used,” M.J. Hentze, page 45. Psychology.

“Active Cocaine Immunization Attenuates the Discriminative Stimulus Properties of Cocaine,” M.W. Johnson and R.H. Ettinger, page 49. Psychology.

“Effects of Dextromethorphan on Associative Morphine Tolerance,” E.T. Moore, S.W. Kunkel, and R.H. Ettinger, page 53. Psychology.

“1999 COMAP Mathematical Contest in Modeling,” page 60. Mathematics.

“A Model for Chloride Marker Testing to Deduce Chemical Dynamics and Ground Water Flow Rates,” T.M. Rogers, B. Fritz, and T.L. Sorey, page 61. Mathematics.

“Where there is Smoke, Response to Problem B,” A. Crozier, K. Giger, and T.L. O’Connor, page 67. Mathematics.

“Rocks from Space,” T. Beal, R. Hildebrandt, and F.M. Rose, page 71. Mathematics.

Volume XVI (2000-2001):

“The Greatest Frontiers of Science for the new Millennium,” John Triplett and Sarah Triplett, page 5.

“Penetration Depth of Short-Wavelength near Infrared Light in Fish Tissue,” Carl A. Fahlstrom, Anna G. Cavinato, and David M. Mayes, page 9. Chemistry.

“Spectral Elucidation of Inorganic Species Commonly Found in Hanford Radioactive Waste,” Nichole Flintof, Anna G. Cavinato, and Christopher M. King, page 13. Chemistry.

“Near-IR Spectroscopy Used as a Tool to Monitor the Reaction of Zinc Dithionite with Ammonia,” Erica D. Gillies and Richard A. Hermens, page 17. Chemistry.

“Synthesis of a Copolymer Containing 4,13-diaza-18-crown-6,” Joel R. Morgan and J. Douglas Campbell, page 20. Chemistry.

“Determination of the Solubility Product Constants of Some MxUy(IV)Fz,” Mari Nishina and Richard A. Hermens, page 22. Chemistry.

“Chemical Analysis of Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids Isolated from Caccinia strigosa,” Anthony J. Scott, Steven P. Nord, Jesse S. Shirley, and Ron B. Kelley, page 25. Chemistry.

“Near Infrared Spectrophotometric Determination of Maturity Status in Salmonids,” Melissa A. Wenz, Anna g. Cavinato, David M. Mayes, Peter T. Lofy, and Seve J. Boe, pae 28. Chemistry.

“Avoid the Aluminum Shower,” Frisco rose, Carrie Vance, and Archie Crozier, page 32. Mathematics.

“Sedimentology and Age of the Pleistocene La Grande Terraces, La Grande, Oregon,” Robert Brown, Jay Van Tassell, et al., page 37. Geology.

“Geomorphic Evolution of the Main Fork of the John Day River, Oregon,” Matthew P. Clausen and Robert J. Carson, page 41. Geology.

“Graben vs. Strike-Slip Basin Models for the Origin of the La Grande Basin, Northeast Oregon: Analogue Models,” Tammy Dunlavey and Jay Van Tassell, page 47. Geology.

“Geomorphic Evolution of the Grande Ronde River, Northeastern Oregon, and Southeastern Washington,” Molly Gerber and Robert J. Carson, page 56. Geology.

“Diagnosing Diabetes: A Model Analyzing the Use of the Glucose Tolerance Test,” Rebecca Nord, 63. Mathematics.

“Measuring the Deuterium to Hydrogen Abundance Ratio in QSO Spectra,” Sarah triplett and David Tytler, page 66. Physics.

Volume XVII (2001-2002):

“Formation of a National Research Effort in Muscle Growth and Development in Animal Sciences: Project NC-131,” Brad Creamer, J.L. Vierck, L. Miller, and M.V. Dodson, page 8. Animal Science.

“The Effect of Food Type on Social Interactions among Female Mantled Howling Monkeys in a Fragmented Forest Habitat on Isla de Omtepe, Nicaragua,” Jennifer Campbell and Kathleen Dahl, page 18. Anthropology.

“Water Quality of Sheep Creek,” Colby Wolfer and Karen Antell, page 23. Biology.

“Prototype Performance Evaluation of a Portable Supercritical Fluid Extractor,” Anthony J. Scott, Thomas S. Zemanian, and Bob W. Wright, page 28. Chemical Engineering.

“Near Infrared Spectroscopic Classification of Gender and Maturity in Chinook Salmon,” Krischele A. Hampton, Anna G. Cavinato, David M. Mayes, Steve J. Boe, and Timothy L. Hoffnagle, page 31. Chemistry.

“Penetration depth Studies in Cod Tissue Using Short-wave Near Infrared Spectroscopy,” Steven P. Nord, Rebecca DuBreuil, Anna G. Cavinato, David M. Mayes, Mengshi Lin, and Barbara Rasco, page 37. Chemistry.

“Quinolizidine Alkaloids in Lupus kingii,” Jesse S. Shirley, Todd Kaneshiro, and Ron B. Kelley, page 42. Chemistry.

“Determination and Comparison of Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids from the Genus Omphalodes,” Torrissa J. Wood, Scott L. Allen, and Ron B. Kelley, page 46. Chemistry.

“Proposed Methods for Modeling Fluid Dynamic Interactions of Wind Force on Water Spray,” Garhan Attebury, Dwayne Henderson, and Steven P. Nord, page 54. Mathematics.

“Columns, Disks and Droplets: How Many Ways Can You Divide up a Fountain?” Carl A. Fahlstrom, Adil Aboudani, and John Mendebury, page 62. Mathematics.

“Power Input Algorithm for a Time-trial Cyclist,” Misato Hayashida, Jennifer Cuthbert, and Justin Rowell, page 67. Mathematics.

“Methods, Models and Relationships for Sceloporus woodi Habitat Preservation,” Todd Kaneshiro, Audrey Oldham, and William Peale, page 75. Mathematics.

“Which Wheel Will We Want?” Frisco Rose and Carl A. Fahlstrom, page 80.  Mathematics.

Volume XVIII (2002-2003):

“Nitric Oxide Release from Cytochrome c’: a Model for the Deactivation of Soluble Guanylae Cyclase,” Tammy L. Busche, Lenord J. Kemper, Colin R. Andrew, and Robert R. Eady, page 10. Chemistry.

“Characterization of Optical Probe Light Penetration Depth for Noninvasive Analysis,” Krischele A. Hampton, Jared L. Wutzke, Anna G. Cavinato, David M. Mayes, Mengshi Lin, and Barbara A. Rasco, page 14. Chemistry.

“Self-Assembled Monolayers on Mesoporous Supports for Solid Phase Extraction and Analytical Applications,” Dean Kuenzi and R. Shane Addleman, page 19. Chemistry.

“Investigation of Near-infrared Optical Parameters in Fish Tissue by Photon Time-of-flight Analysis,” Jared L.Wutzke, Carl A. Fahlstrom, Anna G. Cavinato, Alan G. Joly, Zheming Wang, Mengshi Lin, and Barbara A. Rasco, page 27. Chemistry.

“Characterization of Quinones and Pyrrolizidin e Alkaloids found in Lithospermum multiflorum,” Richard D. Champion, Margaret f. Aubl, Dean R. Kuenzi, Bina J. Hall, and Ronald B. Kelley, page 33. Chemistry.

“Structural Determination of the Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids from Heliotropium convolvulaceum,” Rachel A. Feierabend, Jonathan W. Stoddard, Trevor L. Ferguson, and Ronald B. Kelley, page 39. Chemistry.

“A Theoretical and experimental Investigation of the Two-photonAbsorption Cross Section of Flavonoid and Anthocyanidin Dyes,” Roger K. Clark Jr., Alicia D. McRoberts, and Jeffrey N. Woodford, page 44. Chemistry.

“Nuclear Reaction Analysis of Helium Retention in SiC as a Function of Irradiation and Annealing,” L.J. Bissell, R.J. Smith, E.M. Adams, S. Thevuthasan, J.S. Young, W. Jiang, Y. Zhang, and W.J. Weber, page 52. Physics.

“Writing Assessment and the Writing Proficiency Exam: A Question of Reliability,” Steven Fisher, page 58. Psychology.

“Airline Luggage Screening Strategies: Optimizing Federal Mandates for Safety compliance and On-time Flight departures,” Steven P. Nord, Todd Kaneshiro, and William Peale, page 66. Mathematics.

Volume XIX (2004-2006):

“Theoretical Study of the binding of Nitric Oxide to a Heme Model System,” Alicia McRoberts, Jeffery N. Woodford, and Colin R. Andrew, page 8. Biochemistry.

“Spectroscopic Characterization of the Ferric Heme Center in Rhodobacter capsulatus Cytochrome c’ and its Reactivity with Nitric Oxide,” Amy E. Servid, Arianne M. Tiwari, Colin R. Andrew, Willa Huston, and James W.B. Moir, page 12. Biochemistry.

“The Reaction of Nitric Oxide with the Ferric Heme Center of Alcaligenes xylosoxidans Cytochrome c’: A UV-Visible Absorption Study,” Michael C. Kecskes, James M. Stafford, Colin R. Andrew, and Robert R. Eady, page 17. Biochemistry.

“Reactivity of cytochrome c’ with Oxygen,” Julia c. Deutsch, Matthew J. Bechaver, Alison L. McKay, Amy E. Servid, Arianne M. Tiwari, James M. Stafford, Michael C. Kecskes, Yukiko Cho, Colin R. Andrew, and Robert R. Eady, page 24. Biochemistry.

“The Mushrooms of GROWISER: An Investigation of Fruiting Body Mushrooms,” Kevin Lair and Karen Antell, page 27. Biology.

“Non-invasive Determination of Gender and Maturity Status in Chinook Salmon by Short Wavelength Near Infrared Spectroscopy,” Calvin A. Davis, Anna G. Cavinato, and Timothy L. Hoffnagle, page 30. Chemistry.

“Structural Elucidation of Pyrrodlizidine Alkaloids in Heliotropium greggii,” Melanie R. Bruck, Kristy A. headings, Caleb M. Jones, and Ronald B. Kelley, page 34. Chemistry.

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