In order to participate in EOU outdoor oriented courses or Outdoor Adventure Program activities several forms must be completed prior to the beginning of the course or activity. These forms are for your safety and to ensure that you understand that outdoor activities and courses have a certain level of inherent risk. Please fill out the forms, sign and date, and return to the Outdoor Adventure Program office in the Fieldhouse, Monday – Friday, between the hours of 12-5pm. All our forms are now available on-line for your convenience and this method is preferred by the OAP.

Acknowledgement of Risk

Persons wishing to participate in university-sponsored activities agree to the following rules and acknowledge the risk inherent to particular outdoor activities. This form must be filled out by all those participating in an EOU sponsored course, trip, or activity.

EOU Climbing Center Waiver Form

This form is required for anyone wanting to climb or boulder at the EOU Climbing Center.

Health and Diet Questionnaire

This information is critical for the trip leader to plan accordingly and know the physical and psychological conditions of participants prior to the trip or activity taking place. This information is for the trip leader only and is completely confidential. This form must be filled out by all those participating in an EOU sponsored course, trip, or activity that takes place off-campus.

Major Hazards of Various OAP & Off-Campus Activities

This is a list of known hazards created by trip leaders and staff. It is by no means comprehensive or exhaustive. Every possible hazard could not be listed here. An attempt has been made to document the major hazards and/or more likely hazards.