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The EOU Foundation is a public non-profit 501(c)3 entity. All scholarships held by the EOU Foundation are made by donations from private individuals. The EOU Foundation awards all scholarships based on the donor criteria as stipulated in formal gift agreements.
Last updated 2/5/2016

AAUW Scholarship
Current full-time female EOU undergraduate sophomore, junior or senior.

Jane Anderson Rebholz Memorial Scholarship
Full time EOU student of music, a resident of the Willamette Valley, a piano and/or flute player and an aspiring teacher (public or private) of music.

John & Sara Anderson Memorial Scholarship
Applicant must be an EOU junior or senior standing, have participated in EOU athletics for at least two years and have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher.

J. Lynn Bishop Scholarship
Music Scholarship.

Ralph and Ester Badgley Memorial
Current full-time EOU student(s) majoring in biological; physical sciences; or mathematics.

Bigfoot Scholarship
EOU student(s) must demonstrate need; have min. 2.0 GPA; major or minor in:  Natural Science, Math, Medicine or Nursing, Education or Agriculture.

Business Scholarship
Award to full-time EOU student majoring in Business.

AAUW Betty Bohnenkamp Memorial Scholarship
Awarded to a full-time EOU student and can be used for tuition and fees, books, room and board, or other expenses necessary for a student to pursue a degree at Eastern Oregon University.  The scholarship may be renewed based upon satisfactory academic progress and continuing pursuit of a degree or credential.

Major General Willard Carey Scholarship
Intended to assist EOU students who are in Oregon Army Nat. Guard.  Awarded by Gold Program. Recipients must be enrolled in the GOLD program, be a member of the Oregon Army National Guard and be a successful candidate for receipt of the Oregon Laurels Program.

Richard and Kathleen Chaves Baker City Scholarship
Recipients must be high graduates from Baker High School in Baker County, OR with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Preference is to award EOU students taking on campus classes. Must have demonstrated financial need and be accepted or currently to attending EOU.

Charles and Rhoda Chollet Scholarship
Awarded to a currently enrolled full-time under graduate EOU student majoring in science or education that demonstrates financial need based on FAFSA.

Jon Christensen Memorial Scholarship
Awards will be given to EOU under-graduate sophomore, junior or senior status students majoring in Agricultural Sciences, Anthropology/Sociology, Biology, Chemistry Studies (Chemistry. Biochemistry), Computer Science, Crop and Soil Science, Mathematics and Natural Resources. Must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Community Bank Regional Award
Scholarships will be awarded to EOU under graduate students currently enrolled F/T and must be a resident of Union, Wallowa, Baker, Umatilla or Morrow counties. Priority 1: Union County. This award will only be funded for 2016-2017 only.

Cuthbert Memorial Scholarship
Music Scholarship.

Virginia M. Cochran Scholarship
Awarded to Oregon residents enrolled full time in the OHSU School of Nursing on the EOU La Grande campus. Students enrolled who are taking satellite courses are not eligible. Applicants will be evaluated based on their potential as a nurse, career plans in nursing, financial need and scholastic record. Aid paid directly to OHSU.

Michael and Susan Daugherty Student Engagement Scholarship
First preference is to be awarded to an EOU student(s) sophomore through graduate student enrolled FT on the EOU campus and taking EOU courses. Recipient must be actively engaged in leadership or support roles related to Student Success and Engagement. Must demonstrate financial need based on FAFSA and be making good academic progress towards a degree. Maintain a GPA of 3. or higher. Second preference would be to give award to a FT student who has maintained a 3.0 or higher GPA at EOU and demonstrated financial need.

Michael and Susan Daugherty Science Scholarship
Awarded to a F/T undergraduate student attending EOU on the La Grande campus and enrolled in EOU courses while majoring in any area of the sciences. Demonstrate financial need based on FAFSA and must make good academic progress towards a degree and maintain a 3.0 GPA or better.

Dorothy Pearce McCormick Scholarship Fund
Awarded to a junior or senior EOU student attending EOU majoring in education. Must demonstrate financial need based on FAFSA.

William J Dobbin Memorial Scholarship
The fund will provide scholarship support for EOU nursing students taking classes at EOU. Preference for recipients shall be given to males who are high school graduates from Baker, Union or Wallowa Counties

Joy Veach Dobbin Scholarship
Scholarship for a full-time female EOU student(s) from Union, Wallowa, Baker, Umatilla and Grant counties. Award primarily based upon financial need (FAFSA).

Joy Veach Dobbin and William J Dobbin Scholarship Fund
The fund will provide a scholarship to EOU student(s) from Union, Wallowa, Baker, Umatilla and Grant counties. Award primarily based upon financial need (FASA) and shall be limited to tuition only.

Dobbin Student Nursing Scholarship
The fund will provide a scholarship(s) to EOU student(s) attending and enrolled at EOU whose major is nursing.

Darcy Justine Howlett Memorial Scholarship
Scholarship will be awarded to a graduate of Ranier High School in Ranier, OR who has been admitted to EOU at the time of application. Preference will be given to students who plan to major in History or Psychology and are interested in outdoor recreation and horses.  Selections shall be made based on the quality of the application and the needs and goals of the applicants. No GPA or other academic achievements are required.

Jack W Jenkins Memorial Scholarship
Awarded to an EOU under-graduate student enrolled F/T on campus who graduated from Hermiston High School in the state of Oregon. Must demonstrate financial need based on FAFSA and make good academic progress. Maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher . First preference will be awarded to an incoming accepted Freshman matching all other criteria as well.

Lund Champions of Character Scholarship
Scholarship awarded to a female who is at least a sophomore currently enrolled full-time at EOU, OSU, or OHSU taking classes on the EOU campus. She must have participated or been associated with a female athletic team at EOU for at least one season in their primary sport prior to applying for the scholarship. Minimum GPA of 3.0 and demonstrate the five core values of respect, responsibility, sportsmanship, integrity and servant leadership.

Don and Zola Dunbar Scholarship
First preference to be given to a full-time EOU, on or off campus CUESTE enrolled student pursuing either a graduate or undergraduate degree in education. Must be an Oregon resident with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. Renewable for a student who is in good academic standing as defined by EOU.

Mark Mathes Memorial Scholarship
Recipients will be selected by the current EOU Head Football Coach. Student athlete(s) must be early admitted, admitted or enrolled full-time, make satisfactory academic progress toward a degree and meet all NAIA eligibility requirements. Maintain a GPA of 2.0 or higher and be a sophomore or above. Recipients will be submitted by the current EOU Head Football Coach.

Frankie and W.C. Evans Scholarship
Recipient must be a full-time EOU student with financial need and be a resident of Union County. Preference goes to a nursing student.

Fleener Gould Scholarship
High need-based, currently enrolled FT or PT EOU student residing in a rural community.

Forest Fletcher Scholarship
Need based.  EOU freshman, 3.5+ HS GPA, Union County resident for at least 4 years prior to EOU enrollment.

Fortis Construction Scholarship
Awarded to a student who graduated from an Oregon high school and is a resident of Oregon enrolled at EOU as a participating student athlete. Award is merit based and applicants must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Union County Grange Co-op Scholarship
Awards made to EOU students from Union County majoring in agriculture.

Grant County Futures Scholarship
Recipient must be a full time resident of Grant County for at least one year prior to application deadline. Must be currently enrolled or planning on enrolling in classes at EOU or Blue Mountain Community College through the Grant County Center, not on campus. Recipient must be age 16 or older.

David and Carolyn Gilbert Scholarship
Faculty nominated  individual is eligible for this merit-based award. Given to an EOU student who shows outstanding talent. 

Gleeson Music Scholarship
Renewable scholarships to EOU student(s) attending Eastern Oregon University F/T. The scholarship is to be awarded to a student(s) who fulfills the Music Scholarship criteria including an audition.

Greg Monahan History Scholarship
Award(s) made by the EOU History faculty committee  to a student(s) taking history classes at EOU.

Hazel and George Grover Football Scholarship
Awarded to admitted EOU student athlete who meets athletic eligibility with an official signed letter of intent to play on the EOU Mountaineers Football team and meets the initial eligibility requirements of the National Athletic Governing Association.

Carol Hargett Memorial Scholarship
Recipient(s) must be a resident of Union or Wallowa counties and show financial need and be enrolled at EOU full-time.

Hatton Playwriting Fund
Applicants must be theater majors with at least one year EOU residence and a proven record of playwriting productivity (portfolio of scripts)

Hiatt Scholarship
Award will go to an incoming theater major from the Eastern Oregon region.

Harney County Futures Scholarship
Award given to an enrolled student at EOU or TVCC. Current resident of Harney Co. and resident for 2+ years prior to enrollment. GPA of at least 2.0.

Marjorie D. Hindman (Liesegang) Scholarship
Awarded to an admitted or currently enrolled on-campus EOU student with a 3.0 GPA or higher that is a U.S. citizen. This award is renewable up to four years.

James R. and Margaret M. Huber Scholarship
Awarded to currently enrolled EOU students majoring in Physics or Engineering and is renewable based on satisfactory progress and continuing studies in physics or engineering.

Hank Stertz Scholarship
Recipient must be a currently enrolled EOU sophomore, junior or senior with financial need.  Special consideration given to students from Wallowa county or Hawaii.

Hug Buglione Scholarship
Awarded to EOU seniors with  “secondary education” majors with excellent academic progress.

Kathleen Galloway Scholarship
Recipient selected from the spring art show by judges and committee members. Award made at spring show and paid out fall/winter/spring.

Lee and Beth Insko Scholarship
Awarded to EOU undergrad student(s) with demonstrated financial need with an EFC between $5,000 – $7,500. To be used for retention and awarded to student(s) entering sophomore, junior or senior in class standing. Recipients must be F/T EOU student(s) maintaining a 3.0 GPA and be in good academic standing. Second tier of criteria available if no students meet the above criteria.

Irma Klinghammer Undergraduate Scholarship
Scholarship awarded to EOU under grad students majoring in Education.

Irma Klinghammer Graduate Scholarship
Scholarship awarded to EOU graduate students enrolled in the advanced Education degree program.

Julie A. Geraci Vocal Music Scholarship
Awarded to new students admitted to EOU but current students may also be eligible. Current students are subject to the same application and audition as new students. Scholarship is merit-based and warded to students who have demonstrated outstanding talent. Examples include students who have won competitions or garnered other awards in music.

Kristine Labernik Scholarship
Scholarships are available to new or current EOU students enrolled in business or related studies. The number and value of the scholarships will be based upon the needs of each student.

Virginia Boyer Laurence Scholarship
Currently enrolled  full-time EOU students who are resident in Eastern Oregon 10-county region.  Maintain 3.5+ cumulative GPA, and demonstrate involvement in community affairs.

La Grande High School Class of ’58 Scholarship
Recipients will be incoming freshman and graduates from La Grande High School. Demonstrated potential for academic success by being accepted to EOU. GPA no less than 2.25.

La Grande Industrial Development Board Scholarship
Award given to a Union County high school graduate who will  be an EOU senior majoring in business or majoring in a degree within the EOU College of Business. Must have demonstrated financial need based on FAFSA. Second preference to be given to an EOU student enrolled in the MBA program with demonstrated need based on FAFSA and have graduated from a Union County high school. Must also be in good academic standing within the EOU College for Business.

La Grande Sunrise Rotary Club Scholarship
Retention scholarship. Must be a current FT  junior or senior EOU student who has graduated from a Union County high school with a min GPA of 2.0 or higher.

La Grande Noon Rotary Club
Awarded annually to an EOU student needing financial assistance in a crisis situation.

Lauritzen Literary Scholarship
Awarded to a student enrolled at EOU studying to obtain their Reading Specialist Endorsement. Student must be admitted PT or FT with EOU and make satisfactory academic progress toward their endorsment. Maintain a GPA of 3.5 or higher.

Ralph Lewis Memorial Scholarship
Scholarship awarded to full-time undergraduate EOU student enrolled on-campus in La Grande, OR and must reside in either Wallowa, Umatilla, Grant, Morrow, Harney or Malheur County. Must demostrate financial need based on FAFSA and make good academic progress toward a degree. Maintain a GPA of 2.5 or higher.

Lon Loudenbeck Scholarship
Awarded to an enrolled full-time EOU student from the Northwest, preferably Union County, who wishes to pursue a career in law enforcement.

Dr. Mary Jane Loso Scholarship
Scholarship will be given each academic year to an EOU student with financial need. The scholarship will be automatically renewable for up to four years.

Don & Lanetta Paul Music Scholarship
Intended for EOU students majoring or minoring in music with a  GPA of 3.3+ and be a sophomore, junior or senior.

Lundy Rodeo Scholarship
Awarded to full-time student at EOU with a cumulative GPA 2.5 +.  Be a current NIRA member with intent to rodeo in the spring term.

Lynch Memorial Scholarship
Intended for outstanding EOU students who major in business administration or related discipline and who resides in Union or Wallowa counties.

Margaret Thomas Scholarship
Music Scholarship.

Maybelle Clark Macdonald Grant
Need based scholarships to full-time undergraduate EOU students attending on campus in La Grande, Oregon. Must be admitted, enrolled and in good academic standing. Students must be a resident (4+ years min) of the ten county region EOU serves. EFC must be $5,000 or below.

Alex McKenzie Memorial Scholarship
Awarded to enrolled EOU student who is a graduate of Imbler High School and majoring in Theatre, Agriculture or the Sciences.

Minds in Motion Scholarship (Avista)
Award to cover tuition, fees, books.  Recipients must be in one of the following major courses of study:  accounting, biology/chemistry, business, communications, computer science, math, economics, environmental science, engineering, natural resources, political science, statistics, technology. Also, student must maintain 2.5 + GPA, working toward first undergraduate degree, and have a middle-to-low income background.

Jean McKenzie Scholarship
Recipient must be an EOU full-time student majoring in English.

Bob and Bev Moody Scholarship
Must be resident of one of the ten Eastern counties of Oregon and single parent at time of EOU application. Must maintain a 3.0 GPA after the first three terms have been completed.

Music Scholarship
Intended for full-time EOU music student.

First Citizens Award
Awarded to admitted, full-time under-graduate Native American EOU students. Need to provide tribe documentation.

Nell Colton Seig Scholarship
Awarded to an EOU student demonstrating financial need; completed freshman year with a GPA of 3.0 +. Preference given to those preparing to be teachers or nurses originally from Baker County or Union County and single parent or young couple with children.

Loren H. Nebeker Scholarship
Recipient shall be incoming freshman admitted to EOU who is a graduate of La Grande High School. Student will have demonstrated potential for academic success, have fallen short somehow and need encouragement and support to achieve their potential. A letter from a teacher or staff member of La Grande High School must accompany the scholarship application expressing the students potential for success in college. GPA will generally be between 2.75 and 3.25. Recipients must have financial need as determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

Nightingale Scholarship
Intended to provide assistance for EOU art students.  Demonstrated financial need.

Eva Robert Nipps Scholarship
Restricted to high school graduates of Cove High School, Cove, OR.  Preference given to F/T EOU students majoring in math and then music will be considered.

Oregon Agriculture Foundation Scholarship
Intended for EOU freshman level students intending to major in agriculture or the pre-veterinary sciences. These majors are currently Agriculture Business Mgmt., Environmental Economics, Policy and Mgt.; Crop and Soil Science; Natural Resources; Rangeland Ecology and Mgmt. or Pre-veterinary majors of Biology, Chemistry, and Biochemistry. The recipient(s) must demonstrate financial need as determined by FASA.

Edna & Frank Paris Scholarship
Intended for EOU students who are majoring in music and are active participant’s in EOU’s music program.  Cumulative GPA 3.25 +.  Must be sophomore or higher standing.

Mary Ellen Paul Scholarship
First preference to be given to EOU student(s) from Hermiston and/or West Umatilla County who demonstrate financial need as determined by the Federal Application for Student Aid. Students must be in a major course of study with human health care emphasis that lead to careers in but not limited to: Medical Technology, Optometry, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Physician Assistantship, Respiratory Therapy, Nursing, Dental Hygiene, Psychology, Diagnostic Imaging, and/or pre-professional programs in Dentistry or Medicine. Students must have current citizenship in the United State of America. This scholarship is renewable for up to four years given sufficient academic progress as determined by EOU. (Annual amount will vary).

Robert R. Peshall Scholarship
Scholarship will be awarded to an EOU student who graduated from a high school in Hood River County, Oregon. This includes current high school seniors applying to EOU as well as any graduate from any year who is pursuing higher education through Eastern Oregon University. Second preference will include any student(s) pursuing a career in the field of education at EOU.

Emilie Plants Memorial Scholarship 
First preference to an EOU female student admitted into the EOU MAT program and who has declared her primary teaching content to be Mathematics or Science. Second preference is award to a female elementary education student admitted in the EOU MAT program; any undergraduate student seeking careers in teaching; then to any EOU student who demonstrates financial need under FAFSA.

Quinn Memorial Scholarship
Eligible applicants must be an enrolled full-time returning student at EOU; have a 3.0 minimum cumulative GPA; have lettered on an Intercollegiate Athletic team; be eligible to represent Eastern in an Intercollegiate Athletic event and be eligible for financial aid.

Jeanne Kincaid Rogers Memorial Education Scholarship
Scholarship will be awarded to a current EOU student majoring or minoring  in Education or admitted to the MTE Program. Preference will be given to a freshman and the award is renewable based on academic progress and financial need based FAFSA application.

Rois Scholarship 
Recipients will be selected by the current Women’s Basketball Head Coach. Under-grad student athlete must be early admit, admitted or enrolled full-time and make satisfactory academic progress toward degree and meet all NAIA eligibility requirements. Recipients must maintain a GPA of 2.5 or higher.

Ruth Becker Scholarship
Scholarship is renewable and recipient is selected by the current EOU Volleyball coach. First preference is awarded to a student athlete who demonstrates character, community service and has participated in 4-H and/or FFA. Student must be an early admit, admitted or currently enrolled full-time and make satisfactory academic progress and meet all NAIA eligibility requirements. Must maintain a 2.75 or better GPA.

Sapphire Scholarship 
Tier One Criteria: Recipients must be admitted or currently enrolled full-time under-graduate EOU students. First preference is to be given to women and any under-represented minority students (male or female). Must demonstrate financial need based on FAFSA. Recipients must be a resident of the ten county region EOU serves. Scholarships are renewable based on academic progress as defined by EOU, maintain a GPA of 2.0 and need financial assistance based on FAFSA.

Kerley Memorial Scholarship
Award to two full-time EOU students one majoring in science and one majoring in biology.

Lorna Spain Orchestra Scholarship Annual scholarship
Awarded to a current full-time under-graduate EOU student that is attending on campus. Recipient must play a string instrument (violin, viola, cello or string bass) and be an active member with the Grande Ronde Symphony Orchestra. 

Student Aid Branner Scholarship
Must be admitted to EOU and a full-time student with EOU; awards are based on academic excellence; high school seniors and then transfer students from EOU regions will be considered first; must be attending EOU in fall term following high school graduation.

Elizabeth Grant Sutton Scholarship
Recipients must be from Union County and admitted and accepted to EOU upon submission of EOU Foundation Scholarship application. Must be incoming freshman with a GPA between 2.50 – 3.50 and show financial need based on FAFSA.

Feasel Cross Country Scholarship
Awarded to a full time collegiate cross country or track athlete at EOU who has a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0; has submitted a letter of accomplishment which outlines athletic participation at the high school and/or college level.

Lyle A. Schwarz Technical Theatre Scholarship
A technical scholarship (or scholarships) will be awarded on a once a year basis or on a quarterly basis to returning theatre major(s) with a strong interest in design /stage construction.

Margaret Tham and Leen Inghels International Student Scholarship
Recipients must be current F/T EOU under-grad students with an F-1 visa status and/or EOU students who are domiciled outside of the 50 United States. Students that are sophomore, junior or senior status must maintain a GPA of at least 3.4.

UCEDC Scholarship
Award is given to a full-time EOU student who is a resident and/or graduate of a Union County, OR high school majoring in or has shown an expressed interest in economic development, entrepreneurship, public administration or business. Must attend the main EOU La Grande campus.

Victor L. and Carole F. Walsh Scholarship
First preference is to high school grads who have been accepted and admitted into EOU or current students who are enrolled FT and pursuing a degree in Business, Accounting or students documenting their intent to purse law school after EOU. Award is strictly merit based (no EFC calculation) and student must maintain a 3.00 GPA or higher. Award is renewable up to four years or 12 terms.

Jeannie White Memorial Scholarship 
Awarded to full-time EOU students from Union County; an academic standing of junior or seniors; plan to become teachers. Must demonstrate financial need as determined by the Federal Application for Student Aid.

Ray and Mildred Weeks Scholarship I
FUND I:  current & 3 yrs. Prior residence in Harney Co..  Admitted to academic program at EOU and in good academic standing.  May be grad or under-grad,  if multiple applicants, consideration goes to: Cumulative GPA 2.5 +, interest in study of business or education. Demonstrated need.  Campus requirement for this award might be waived.

Ray and Mildred Weeks Scholarship II
FUND II:  current & 3 yrs. Prior residence in Harney Co..  Enrolled as current, full-time student. Cumulative GPA 2.5 +,  Preference given to recent HS grad whose academic career has not had interruption. Award shall not exceed cost of tuition and fees. Campus requirement for this award might be waived.

Women in Science Scholarship
Scholarship recipients shall be full-time EOU female students majoring in Chemistry or Physics.

Gerald Young Memorial Scholarship
First preference to be given to a full time, on campus or on-site enrolled EOU student from the Oregon counties of Union or Wallowa with a declared major course of study in either  math or science. Cum GPA 3.0 or higher and scholarship is renewable.


Please note: Most scholarships require the recipients to be full time EOU student taking a min. of 12 EOU credits per term. If you attend as a part-time EOU student awards will be revoked based on award criteria. Most of the EOU Foundation Scholarships do not transfer to other institutions.


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