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July 31, 2020 – Coronavirus update

A message from EOU INFOLINE

Dear EOU Community, 

This week, I wanted to share a couple of updates around the university’s resumption planning process. First of all, EOU is aware of the Governor’s new requirements for K12 schools and the impact it will have on employees and students as districts move to hold classes virtually. Secondly, our interim mask policy covers a number of details about how, when and where face coverings are to be worn on campus that are important for you to know. 

K12 schools going virtual

With the local school districts’ decision to have all classes via distance learning for the foreseeable future, EOU employees who are parents may have questions about their options to work from home, how to request child care leaves of absence, or related needs. 

Please refer to the Summary Table (attached below) for child care related leave options.  For other options such as working remotely, please stay in contact with your supervisor.    

EOU Face Covering Policy

The link above will take you to the full policy, approved on an interim basis by President Insko. Here are a few highlights to note: 

What counts as a face covering?

A face covering is an item affixed to the face to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, including cloth garments that cover the nose and mouth, medical-grade masks, or respirator quality masks such as “N95” grade face masks.

Why use a face covering? 

When used with standard distancing and hygiene measures, face coverings serve as an essential public health measure to reduce the spread of infection across all University settings.

When to wear face coverings?

The University requires the use of face coverings in enclosed public and common areas and in outdoor areas where physical distancing is not easily maintained. Examples include: 

a. Common areas within buildings (hallways, doorways, elevators, stairwells);

b. In-person classroom settings;

c. Shared lab spaces, including computer labs;

d. The bookstore, library, dining areas and similar settings;

e. High-density shared outdoor spaces (e.g., busy sidewalks);

f. University vehicles with more than one occupant.

How to wear face coverings?

Face coverings and masks must cover the nose and mouth at all times. The material should fit snugly to the face and under the chin. 

Adhering to these protocols supports the many other health and hygiene measures in place to keep our campus safe for all students and employees this fall. Talk to your supervisor or Human Resources if you need ADA accommodations, or if you’re requesting an exemption for other reasons. 

Mask up, Mounties! Wishing you a pleasant weekend.


Sarah Witte

Provost, Resumption Planning Coordinator