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April 15, 2022 – Friday COVID Update

University Community, 

Eastern Oregon University has continued to successfully manage through the ongoing pandemic. Thank you for helping to maintain our campus as a safe and healthy environment! 

Daily Self Health Check no longer required

Effective Monday, April 18, employees will no longer be required to fill out the Daily Self Health Check form in Mountie Hub. 

Required reporting of Positive COVID-19 Test Results and Quarantine continues

EOU employees must continue to promptly report the following two situations by directly contacting their supervisor:

a.  Employees who have positive test results confirming a COVID-19 infection;

b.  Employees who have been instructed to self-quarantine by a medical provider or public medical authority for reasons of presumptive or confirmed COVID-19 infection.

Supervisor COVID-19 Positive Infection Report (PIR)

To assist in the continued management of confirmed COVID-19 infection cases including notification of potential on-campus exposure to employees, the HR Department has developed the new Supervisor COVID-19 Positive Infection Report (PIR). More information regarding the PIR will be made available soon to all EOU supervisors.

COVID-19 dashboard

The COVID-19 Dashboard will continue to be kept up to date. Data is updated daily and reflects positive cases, testing, self-reported cases, and quarantine and isolation of students, faculty and staff at EOU. Additional information on COVID-19 in Union County can be viewed on the Center for Human Development website. Information on COVID-19 in Oregon can be accessed via the Oregon Health Authority website.

New developments

EOU’s Leadership Team will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation both on and off-campus and inform the campus community of any new COVID-19 developments such as positive case trend lines, increases in cases at the university, or changes to current protocols. We would like to thank the campus community for its diligence and patience as we continue to work together and adapt to this constantly changing landscape.


Executive Leadership Team