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Commencement & Graduation FAQs

  1. EOU will be honoring graduates with a ceremony June 15th 2024 in Community Stadium

Masters Hooding Ceremony
Check-in starts at 7:45 a.m.
Hooding Ceremony starts at 8:30 a.m.
Gilbert Plaza

Main Commencement Ceremony
Check-in starts at 8:15 a.m.
Main Ceremony starts at 9:30 a.m.
Community Stadium

  1. What is the difference between Graduation and Commencement?
    • Graduation is the official completion of all degree requirements as recorded on the official transcript.
    • Commencement is the ceremony that celebrates the completion of a degree. Participation in the commencement ceremony does not imply that you have officially graduated and participation is entirely optional.
  2. I want to participate in my Commencement Ceremony; what do I need to do?
    • Students wishing to participate in the Commencement Ceremony must have an active graduation application on file or must have graduated in one of the current academic years previous terms. If you have not applied to graduate, you may do so via your Mountie Hub Student Portal.
    • Students must complete the Commencement Participate Sign Up form found on the Commencement page starting in March.
    • Students must wear proper commencement regalia in order to participate in the ceremony. Please see cap, gown, and honor cord information section on the commencement website.
  3. I am curious about the COVID 19 restrictions for commencement? Do students and guest have to be vaccinated to attend?
    • The commencement team and university are still developing these plans and additional information will be sent out closer to the event. At this time (though no definitive policy is set), guests will likely not need to be vaccinated to attend.
  4. How do I know if I’ve already signed up for Commencement?
    • Once the information on your Commencement Participation sign-up is verified your name will be added to the “Commencement Participation List”.
  5. I filled out the commencement participation form, but I don’t see my name on the list.
    • The ceremony participation list is manually updated after additional verifications are completed to ensure the participant has a graduation application on file and the information published is accurate. If you believe the participation list has been updated since you signed up and you don’t see your name, please check your EOU assigned email address for more information or contact the Registrar’s Office directly at commencement@eou.edu or 541-962-3607
  6. There’s something wrong on the Participation List! What do I do?!
  7. What do the different honors levels mean?
    • EOU recognizes scholarship by conferring honors distinction on undergraduate students who have earned an overall cumulative grade-point average (including transfer work) of 3.50 or higher as follows:
    • Cum Laude: 3.50-3.69 (White Cord)
      Magna Cum Laude: 3.7-3.84 (Grey Cord)
      Summa Cum Laude: 3.85-4.00 (Gold Cord)
      *Please note – All grade-point averages used for commencement are calculated at the conclusion of the previous winter term. Grade-point averages are recalculated when all coursework is completed and the degree is conferred. If the participant has already graduated, the final GPA will be used.
  8. What if I need additional accommodations to participate in the ceremony?
    • When signing up to participate in commencement there is a section for additional information in which students may include any accommodations needed to facilitate their participation in the ceremony. You may also contact the Registrar’s Office directly at commencement@eou.edu or 541-962-3607
  9. When, where, and what time is the Commencement Ceremony?
    • The Eastern Oregon University Commencement is held at the Main campus in La Grande, Oregon.
    • The 2024 Commencement Ceremony will be held June 15, 2024, at 9:30 a.m. (Pacific Time)
    • There will be a Master Hooding Ceremony on June 15, 2024, at 8:30 a.m. prior to the Main Commencement Ceremony.
  10. What time do I show up for Commencement and where do I check-in?
    • For the Master’s Hooding Ceremony check-in will begin at 7:45 a.m. at the Gilbert Plaza.
    • For the Main Commencement Ceremony check-in will begin at 8:15 a.m. in the lobby of the Quinn Coliseum.
    • *Please note that if graduates are late for the lineup process they may not be able to participate in the ceremony.*
  11. Will there be a rehearsal for graduates?
    • No rehearsal is needed for the ceremony. Graduates will be led onto the field by the 2024 distinguished faculty and staff members. Graduates will also be shown where to go during the ceremony.
  12. How long does the Commencement Ceremony usually last?
    • The actual length will depend on the number of graduates attending, however, the ceremony typically lasts about 2 to 2 1/2 hours.
  13. How do I wear my tassel?
    • The tassel is worn on the left side of your mortarboard cap prior to and during the ceremony. At the end of the commencement ceremony, you will be told as a group to turn your tassel. At that time, you will turn your tassel to the right signifying the informal awarding of your degree.
  14. Will the ceremony be live streamed?
    • For those friends and family unable to celebrate in person they will be able to watch each ceremony via live stream. The live stream can be viewed at: https://www.youtube.com/user/EOUAV
  15. What should I bring or wear to the commencement ceremony?
    • Most graduates wear nice clothes under their gowns, but it is not required. Graduates are HIGHLY DISCOURAGED from bringing any bags/purses or any other personal items into the outdoor line up area. This is an outdoor, unsecured area. Heeled shoes will not be allowed on the turf. Any graduates with this type of footwear will be asked to change or proceed onto the field without shoes.
  16. Where do guests watch the ceremony?
    • There will be multiple areas around the field to watch the ceremony. More information to come about seating.
    • All seating, as well as all accessible seating, is on a first-come basis. Commencement staff will be available to escort guests needing assistance to the accessible seating areas.
  17. I may arrive late; can I still participate in my ceremony?
    • Don’t be late. Seriously. Don’t be late.
    • If you arrive late there is a chance you won’t be able to participate in the ceremony.
  18. Can I wear other cords or regalia from clubs and honor societies?
    • Yes. While they are not formally recognized by EOU, other cords, stoles, and regalia may be worn during your Commencement ceremony and are not under the purview of the Registrar’s Office.
    • If any graduate is determined to be wearing regalia that is inappropriate or offensive may be asked to remove said regalia before participating in their ceremony. 
  19. Do graduates have assigned seating? Do graduates have to be in alphabetical order? Where do I line up and sit if I am receiving multiple degrees from different colleges?
    • While you are not required to be in alphabetical order, you will be grouped by college. You must sit with the college in which you are earning your degree as indicated on your commencement card.
    • For graduates earning degrees from multiple colleges the Registrar’s Office will contact you via email to determine which college you will sit and walk with, you will have one week to reply to the email with your preference, otherwise, the Registrar’s Office will choose for you.
  20. If I completed the requirements in an earlier term, can I still walk in my ceremony?
    • Yes, past terms: Summer 2023, Fall 2023, and Winter 2024 graduates are invited to participate. You will need to fill out the Commencement Participation Sign-Up Form so that we know to expect you at the ceremony.
  21. I’m not graduating until the Summer or Fall term of 2024. May I still participate in a commencement ceremony?
    • Yes. Graduate students planning to complete their degree in the summer or fall may participate. Undergraduate students with Senior standing and a pending Summer or Fall graduation application may participate. Participants must have an active graduation application on file with the Registrar’s Office and register to participate in the Commencement ceremony.
  22. I signed up to participate in Commencement and now I can’t come! What do I do?
    • What a bummer!! We’re sorry that you won’t be able to celebrate your accomplishments with us and wish you could be here, but we understand sometimes things come up. You can send an email to commencement@eou.edu to notify us that you won’t be attending. We hope to see you at future alumni events!!!
  23. My diploma case is empty! When do I get my diploma? What address will it being mailed to?
    • Diplomas are typically mailed out from our supplier 6-8 weeks after the completion of the term in which you officially graduate. You will receive an email to your EOU assigned email account indicating when your degree is officially awarded and an additional email when your diploma is mailed to you which will include tracking information. Your diploma will be sent to the mailing address we have on file for you, please ensure your information is up to date, keeping in mind where you will be living/receiving mail after you graduate from EOU.
  24. I updated my address in Mountie Hub, but my diploma was already mailed out to my old address! What do I do?!
    • Contact the Post Office to arrange forwarding to your new address. If tracking indicates your diploma has been delivered but you haven’t received it, please contact us at graduation@eou.edu to discuss options.
  25. Where on campus can refreshments, food and drink be purchased? Are flowers available for purchase?
    • Flowers are available for purchase at the EOU bookstore prior to the ceremony, though you may want to consider ordering ahead of time or picking up flowers at local businesses to ensure availability.
    • In addition to on-campus options, there are a number of wonderful restaurants and florists (and hotels/airbnb/vrbo) in La Grande and the surrounding Grande Ronde Valley that would be happy to have you visit for your commencement needs. Please see Lodging and Dining links on Commencement Main Page.
  26. Will there be handicapped parking available? What about ceremony accommodations for guests?
    • There are parking areas that honor existing ADA parking decals throughout campus. There will be campus personnel at lot entrances to assist those with ADA approved placards as well as golf carts circulating on campus to offer rides to those in need. Please connect with a Commencement Staff Member for assistance.
    • There will be an area designated for ADA seating on a first come-first served basis.
  27. Where should I park for the ceremony?
    • All regular campus (non-reserved spaces) lots will be free during the Commencement Ceremony.
    • ADA and fire lane enforcement will still be in effect.
  28. I lost my ceremony card! What do I do?!
    • Don’t panic! Please find a commencement staff member to request a new card right away. Do this as soon as you realize it’s lost – don’t wait until you’re ready to walk across the stage.
  29. Can I stand near the stage to photograph or video my graduate?
    • No. There is an official photographer that will take two photos of your graduate walking across the stage and with their diploma cover. You are welcome to photograph and take video from the seating area. Additionally, there are a number of beautiful areas throughout EOU’s campus that are perfect for taking photos of and with your graduate before and/or after the ceremony.
  30. May I leave the Commencement ceremony after my graduate receives a diploma?
    • Out of respect for all participants and the solemnity of the occasion, guests and participants are asked to stay for the entire ceremony.
  31. Where can I get official EOU gear to show my support?
    • The EOU bookstore will be open from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm Saturday June 15th, you will find a wide variety of apparel, pennants, mugs, blankets and other items to boost your Mountie memorabilia collection. Also, consider joining our Mountaineer Alumni Association to show your continued support.
  32. Whom do I contact if I have questions?
  33. I didn’t sign up to participate in the Commencement Ceremony, but I’ve already invited my family, what do I do?
    • Contact the Registrar’s Office right away so that we can get your information added to our attendee’s list. You can contact us via phone at 541-962-3607, email at commencement@eou.edu or in person in Inlow Hall Room 105.