Caps, Gowns and Honors Cords

Robes, Cords and/or other Commencement regalia that is worn in conjunction with a particular program, club or other EOU department are handled through that particular college or club and is not under the purview of the Registrar’s Office – for questions please contact your program or club representative.


The Eastern Oregon University Bookstore will have Bachelor and Master regalia in store for graduates to purchase beginning in early spring. The bookstore will have the caps, gowns, tassels, and honor cords available until commencement (typically including the day of the ceremony). Students may also order regalia by calling the bookstore directly at 541-962-3187 (other bookstore numbers 541-962-3691 or 541-962-3694).

Online ordering information can be found below gown information.

  • EOU BACHELOR cap, gown, and tassel are BLACK.
  • The Master gown is very different from a bachelor gown, in that the sleeves have large extensions and a hood is carried or worn during the ceremony; typically in lieu of a graduation cap.
  • EOU MASTER gowns are BLACK, plus a HOOD is worn.
    The hood represents the University colors inside the hood; EOU colors are blue and gold. The velvet trim on the outer edge of the hood represents the degree

    • Master of Arts in Teaching/Master of Science in Education is LIGHT BLUE.
    • Master of Business Administration is BRONZE.
    • Master of Fine Arts is BROWN.


  • OSU AGRICULTURAL caps & gowns are BLACK with a MAISE (yellow) tassel.
  • OHSU NURSING caps & gowns are WHITE with an APRICOT tassel.

ONLINE ORDERING REGALIA & PERSONALIZED ANNOUNCEMENTS may be ordered online through the EOU affiliated Jostens page or by calling 800-854-7464.

***** It is highly encouraged that you open and steam your gown prior to the ceremony to remove all wrinkles from packaging. *****

HONORS CORDS will be sold only to students eligible to receive them. The EOU Bookstore will have the list of eligible graduates in early spring. Honors calculations for the ceremony are calculated through Winter 2018 term only.

Any students wanting to participate in the Commencement Ceremony that may be unable to purchase the required regalia please contact the Registrar’s Office directly at or come to our office in Inlow Hall Room 105 for assistance. 

For any questions please contact the Registrar’s Office at or 541-962-3607