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Alumni Benefits

EOU Alumni have access to many resources and benefits from Eastern Oregon University after graduation. Once a Mountaineer, always a Mountaineer!

EOU Library

EOU Library

EOU Alumni have access to EOU Library. Check out books, use desks to study, read in the cozy chairs, and access to the library’s collection. For more information, visit: the EOU Library website. Call the Alumni Office at 541-962-3740 or email alumni@eou.edu with additional questions.

Dell logo


Dell has a discount website available to EOU Alumni! Use your valid EOU email address to utilize Dell’s discount. Dell equipment includes, desktop computers, laptops, monitors, tablets, etc. 

Meble Furniture

Check out this special discount for high-quality furniture. EOU Alumni receive 10% off when using the code EOU10 during checkout. Visit Meble Furniture at www.meblefurniture.com

EOU Alumni Association Logo

Stay Connected – Mountaineers

As EOU Alumni, you will receive Alumni E-Newsletters, special invitations and communications for EOU events, and a FREE online issue of the Mountaineer Magazine!