Called to Active Duty Policy

Students Called to Active Military Duty

Students called to active military duty may examine the following tuition refund policy as stated in the OUS Academic Year Fee Book.

The policy states: “Any student with orders to report for active military duty may withdraw at any time during the term and receive a full refund. If sufficient course work has been accomplished and the instructor feels justified in granting credit for the course work completed, credit may be granted and withdrawal proceedings are unnecessary.”

If called to active military duty students should meet with the Veteran’s Affairs Office if already receiving benefits, with the Financial Aid Office if applicable, and with their academic advisor to discuss their options.

These options are total withdrawal, partial withdrawal or no withdrawal. Any withdrawal from on-campus courses must be done through the Registrar’s Office, and any withdrawal from Online Education courses must be done through the Online Education Office. A copy of the active duty letter is required.

For more detailed information on this policy, please see page 61 of the EOU Student Handbook.


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